Drop Ship Access Affiliate Program FAQs

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an Internet-based marketing strategy used to promote business by generating leads. Individuals, known as affiliates, earn commission for every lead that becomes a paying subscriber. Anyone with a website, opt-in email list, or other online marketing activities can become an affiliate. The Drop Ship Access Affiliate Program rewards affiliates for every lead that becomes a customer. There is no limit to the amount of money an Affiliate can earn.

Do I Need a Website to Become an Affiliate?

A website is not necessary, but it is preferable. Affiliates earn money by generating leads that turn into paying subscribers. Affiliates can use active email opt-in lists or other online marketing activities to generate leads. Drop Ship Access has a strict no spamming policy, so email lists must be opt-in only.

How Does the Drop Ship Access Affiliate Program Work?

The Drop Ship Access Affiliate Program is simple to use. Each Affiliate receives a unique id to use in combination with text ads or banners that we provide. Any combination of ads or banners can be placed on an Affiliate’s website, emails, etc. Potential customers click on the ads and banners. The unique id enables the program to track where customers come from. Affiliates earn commission for every customer that becomes a paying subscriber.

How Often Can I Check My Earnings?

Affiliates can check their earnings any time -- day or night, as often as they want. The admin area of the affiliate management system enables Affiliates to view their click-thru rates, banner and ad impressions, confirmed commissions, and commissions due. In addition, Affiliates receive an email when a lead they generate becomes a paying subscriber.

Why does Drop Ship Access use a third-party solution provider for the Affiliate Program?

Drop Ship Access uses PostAffiliatePro software to manage the Affiliate program. The PostAffiliatePro software ensures that all commissions associated with Affiliate ids are accurately recorded.

When Do I Get Paid?

Affiliates are paid during the second week of the month for commissions earned during the previous month. For example, an Affiliate would be paid during the second week of February for commissions earned in January. The Affiliate would be paid again the second week of March for commissions earned in February, and so on.

How long is the cookie?

6 months - If you send a customer to our website and they don't sign up right away, don't worry! If they get our newsletter emails and eventually sign up (even up to 6 months later) you'll still get credit for them!

Do I Need to Fill Out a W9 or W8BEN for Taxes?

Drop Ship Access is required by federal law to file 1099s for every Affiliate that earns over $600 in the calendar year. Drop Ship Access will provide a W9 form to each U.S. Affiliate after initial account setup. Affiliates must update W9 forms each year. Forms must be filled out legibly and include Drop Ship Access under the label Requestor’s Name and Address.

Affiliates residing outside the United States are required to submit a W8BEN form before receiving their first commission check. Drop Ship Access will provide the W8BEN form after initial account setup. Commission checks will be held until the form is received. Completion of a W8BEN form is a requirement of the U.S. government.

Submit the completed W9 or W8BEN form by mail or email:

  • Mail to ATTN: Affiliate Manager, Drop Ship Access, PO Box 524, Monroe, MI 48161

  • Or email a scanned copy in PDF Format of your signed form to affiliates@dropshipaccess.com

Who can I contact to discuss questions I have about the Drop Ship Access Affiliate Program?

We would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have about our Affiliate program. Please email questions to affiliates@dropshipaccess.com.