Website Integration: Add products to your website automatically

We automatically load dropship products you choose onto your website. When your customers order dropship products from your website, the orders are automatically routed to Drop Ship Access, and we ship them directly to your customers.

As product inventory changes, your website will be automatically updated. This saves you considerable time, and ensures that you won't sell a product that is out of stock.

Common problems with dropshipping Drop Ship Access solutions
red xSelling products that are out of stock green checkWe update your website's inventory real-time, preventing out-of-stock products from being sold
red xAdding thousands of product's descriptions and pictures manually green checkWe provide all the product's details and we import them into your website
red xSetup complex code to integrate each suppliers different data feeds green checkWe write the code for all suppliers and we custom integrate it into your website
red xRe-typing customers info when orders are placed green checkCustomer info and order details are automatically routed to us --no need to re-type info

Key Features

Automated product updates

The product quantity and prices will be automatically updated on your website without you manually importing. This will greatly reduce the risk of a product you sell not being available.

feed updates
Products are loaded to your website automatically

Automated Orders

When customers order products on your site, the orders are automatically sent to Drop Ship Access, so you will not have to re-type the customer's information. You simply review and approve the orders.
Note: This feature is made available only for high volume customers.

drop ship automated order approval
Approval of orders    (click image to enlarge)

API Integration

Make calls programmatically to fully automate your website:

  • Send new orders to us
  • Receive tracking info on orders
  • Update your website with products
  • Receive real-time inventory alerts
Note: API Integration is an optional add-on feature for customers and partners who want additional flexability
Catalog API Documentation

Compatible Services:

prostores yahoo store 3d cart big commerce
pinnacle cart core commerce 1 shopping cart cs cart
magento oscommerce vendio volusion
shopify shopsite prestashop zen cart
* let us know if your webstore is not listed, and we may be able to add it

Facebook Integration

facebook Create a facebook store where you can sell your favorite drop ship products to people in your network!

Note: Facebook Integration is an optional add-on feature

Configure your feed

Select your shopping cart

Choose the feed format you'll need for your website.

feed formats
Choose feed format

Price Settings

You can choose to markup your products by a fixed amount and/or a percentage. If both are set, the higher markup of the two will be used.

filter feed
Set prices

Filter the products

You can configure some basic filters.

filter feed
Filter feed

Select Products & Categories

Configure which products you want to include in the feed. You can select individual products, main categories, or sub categories.

feed products
Choose products

Your website is updated in minutes

Our software will update your website with any changes you make to the product selection within minutes.

prostores data feed
Example of Updated Prostores Page

See it in action

Customer Testimonial:
"The fact that I can have a website
with products and not have to worry
about shipping is what I love most."

- Norah Zea (see full review)
Norah Zea Customer Testimonial Picture