What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a simple arrangement that enables you to sell high-quality products at low wholesale prices without ever having to store, handle, or ship merchandise. You can sell products on your website, blog, or through an auction website, such as eBay or Amazon. Once a product sells, simply place the order through Drop Ship Access. While you sit back and enjoy your profit, the order is shipped directly from the manufacturer to your customer. It's that easy.


How Drop Shipping Works

Let's say Steve sells a product on his website for $94 plus $10 shipping and handling. The customer pays Steve $104 for her order. Steve logs onto Drop Ship Access to enter the customer's order and shipping information. Drop Ship Access routes the information directly to the manufacturer, and ensures that the order is shipped in a timely manner usually within 48 hours. Steve is billed for the wholesale price of the product and shipping cost, which are $63 and $10 respectively. Since Steve passed the shipping cost onto his customer, he has made $31 profit on this one order. Great job Steve!

Drop Ship Access Advantages

Drop Ship Access enables you to sell products virtually anywhere. Whether you run an e-commerce store, own a blog, or sell on eBay, Drop Ship Access is often the most efficient method of sourcing products. We provide distinct advantages over other business models:

  • First and foremost, drop shipping saves the cost of building a stock of inventory. If you're like most people starting a small business, you don't have a huge amount of capital to get your business of the ground. The last thing you want to do is tie up all of your cash on inventory that may or may not sell.

  • Risks associated with non-selling products are minimized with drop shipping. With no inventory on hand, there is not any leftover stock. Let's face it, products can suddenly become outdated, obsolete, or just plain unpopular. While other retailers are selling their stock at deep discounts taking a huge loss, you can move onto the next hot product. You will never be stuck with a stockroom full of unwanted products while drop shipping.

  • Drop Ship Access enables you to immediately adapt to market trends. If you find that customers are demanding a particular product, jump on the bandwagon and line your pockets with profits. Without a stock of inventory, you can change what you sell at any time. When hot products change, simply change the products that you sell.

  • This simple business model frees up space, money, time, and stress by not requiring you to warehouse products. While other internet business owners are filling their houses or renting stockrooms to store inventory, you can enjoy not having to deal with those headaches.

  • Last but not least, drop shipping allows you to focus on making money. With this easy-to-use business model, you are not required to keep track of inventory. Nor, do you have to handle products or ship them. Drop Ship Access manages inventory, so you can focus on earning profits.

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