Dropshipping and eBay are a match made in Home Business Heaven for an enterprising entrepreneur who wants to have a thriving, profitable business with the least amount of time, financial investment and hassle!


If you look around on the World Wide Web, you will undoubtedly see some dire warnings about dropship sales and eBay, full of gloom and doom, telling you how impossible it is to succeed in such a venture for various reasons.


Don’t believe it!


In actual fact, there are countless people just like you making a great income with dropship sales on eBay!


True, not all who set out to be dropship eBay sellers will succeed.


But, that is true of any endeavor, isn’t it?


No matter what the business may be, there will always be those who fail and those who find success, and eBay is no exception. Why do some eBay dropship sellers succeed in creating and maintaining a lucrative business, while others go into it with high hopes only to fizzle out in failure?


The answer to that lies not in the undertaking itself, but solely with the individual involved.


Let’s look at two sellers who decide to try dropship sales on eBay. We’ll call them Seller A and Seller B.


Seller A is sick of having a regular job and wants to be his own boss with a home business. He has never bought or sold anything on eBay, but has heard that there is a ton of easy money to be made there as a seller.


A friend of a friend mentioned dropshipping to him a few years ago, and he recalls that it sounded really easy and a quick way to make money.


So, without researching eBay and getting the necessary information about what is required to be a successful seller there, he makes up his mind to go for it. His next step is to find a dropship product source.

Again, Seller A is unwilling to invest even a small amount of time into learning anything about dropship sales, or what to look for in a good dropship product source, so he simply clicks on any link in a Google search and signs up with the first company he sees.


He doesn’t bother to research a little and find out what niche and products are very much in demand with a good chance of selling well, or what the going selling price is for these products, he just picks out a bunch of stuff at random from the dropship product source website….throws it on eBay as quickly as possible at ridiculously inflated prices…and then sits back and waits for the money to come rolling in.


When potential buyers ask relevant questions about his widgets, seeking information he failed to provide in the description, he ignores them. Nor does he exert himself to notify buyers of an approximate delivery date for their purchase, or respond to questions or complaints about a delayed delivery or some dissatisfaction with the widget.


After all, he is his own boss. He doesn’t have to concern himself with little irritating trivialities like customer service.


Although his products aren’t performing well in sales, he doesn’t analyze the situation to see if he has made a poor choice of what to sell, or think about switching to a different line of merchandise that might be in higher demand which would consequently yield more sales and better results.


He went into a career as a dropship seller on eBay fully expecting to spend no more than a few minutes a day on it, and between television shows, golfing, or any one of a hundred other pleasant but non-profitable ways he has found to pass the time since quitting his job and becoming an online entrepreneur---he doesn’t have time to devote to such mundane matters as taking care of business.


Time marches on, and Seller A is bitterly disappointed and quite irate when his eBay gold mine fails to offer up more than a nugget or two every now and then.


Not only that, but because he failed to research his dropship product source and is selling shoddy, defective products; and also because he failed to deliver good customer service, his Detailed Seller Ratings and feedback are abysmally low. These low ratings from other buyers are a bright red flag of warning to prospective buyers, signaling them in no uncertain terms  to avoid this seller like the Bubonic Plague, so he sells even less than in the beginning.


Finally, his customer satisfaction is so low that eBay suspends his selling privileges.


Now, Seller A is flat broke since he hasn’t had the easy money rolling in he counted on, and he finds himself forced to abandon his dreams of a home business and get another regular job.

Disgruntled and disillusioned, Seller A stays in character and doesn’t take an honest look at the reasons his venture failed. It never occurs to him that he didn’t succeed because of the many shortcuts he took launching his home business….his lack of preparation and research….his unwillingness to provide good customer service…or the lack of time he spent getting his business off the ground and then running it.


Instead, he tells everyone who will listen to him that it is impossible to be a successful dropship seller on eBay.


Now, let’s look at Seller B.

Seller B’s story starts out much like the ill-fated Seller A’s. Seller B is also tired of working at a dead end job and decides to take a look at having an online home business and working for himself.


He likes the idea of the personal freedom this would bring---more time with his family, being able to schedule vacations and off days when it was most convenient for himself instead of at the convenience of his boss or coworkers, a better income which would mean a better lifestyle for himself and his family, and many other perks and privileges associated with being his own boss.


Having made the decision to give a home business serious consideration, he sets out to do some groundwork and research about the various types of ecommerce businesses available to him.


The internet is a rich source of all sorts of information about anything and everything, and it doesn’t take Seller B long to discover that eBay is one of the most viable marketplaces for an ecommerce entrepreneur. Since Seller B isn’t all that familiar with eBay, he makes it his business to learn all he can about the necessary requirements of being a successful eBay seller.

Seller B decides that eBay is where he will sell his products. His next step is to find the products to sell on eBay.


Going back to the internet for information about how to acquire products to sell on eBay, he finds that dropshipping seems to offer him the quickest, easiest way to start selling on eBay, with the least amount of financial outlay to get off the ground and making money.


So, Seller B decides that dropshipping sounds ideal for him, and sets out to learn more about it, as well as which dropship product sources are reputable, dependable, and the best value with high quality products available for him to sell.


He has done his homework and realizes that a dropship seller on eBay or any other venue is only as good as his dropship product source.


If the products are sub-standard, defective or otherwise not likely to satisfy customers, Seller B knows from researching eBay that this will bring a seller to grief in a hurry. He has also learned that there are a lot of dropship product sources, but in order to have the best chance of success, a seller must have one that will do things such as notifying him of low stock so he doesn’t make sales he will have to cancel, ship promptly and package securely, and more.


Therefore, Seller B sets out to find a dropship product source with high quality, name brand merchandise available for him to sell, and one that will deliver excellent customer service to him, the seller, so that he can deliver excellent customer service to the buyers, his customers.


Once he locates such a dropship supplier, Seller B begins to research to find a niche.


He understands that the sales business, on eBay or anywhere else, is all based on the law of supply and demand; and that to make a lot of sales, he must supply a product that has sufficient demand in order to provide the profits he needs.

Again, Seller B turns to the internet, that treasure trove of information and data, to help him find a profitable niche for dropshipping sales on eBay.


He goes about this in two main ways:


1.      He goes to the free Google Keyword Tool and enters the search term for various products, thus getting the total number of searches performed globally in one month for each product. This is a great indicator of how “hungry” a niche is. The higher the number of searches, the more potential customers exist who are actively looking for a particular product.

2.      He goes to the eBay Pulse, and checks the category of the products he is considering selling, to see which ones are in highest demand on eBay. This, too, furnishes very valuable information about what’s hot and what’s not on eBay. In addition, he checks completed listings for the products he is thinking about selling, to see the sell through rate and the average selling price.


After finding a promising niche, Seller B makes an informed selection from the merchandise available on his dropship product source’s website.


However, unlike Seller A who simply took the easy way out, copying and pasting the product descriptions straight from the supplier’s website, Seller B was smart and rewrote the descriptions so that they would have a more personal feel, besides being more sales worthy with a strong call to action that would motivate buyers to make a purchase.


Ditto for the product images. Instead of using the images from the dropship source website, seller B invests a little more time, effort and money by purchasing one of each product he intends to sell on eBay, and takes several great photos of each product to post with his listings.


The money he spends on buying the products is not wasted, because he can resell them on eBay or use them himself. The payoff for better descriptions and images far outweighs any expenditure of time and effort, because his sales will be much better with his own descriptions and photos.


While writing the product descriptions for eBay, Seller B is careful to use good grammar and avoid misspelled words, knowing that this makes him appear unprofessional and not too smart.


When he has all of his product descriptions and photos ready, Seller B begins listing them on eBay. He makes his titles count, using keyword rich, descriptive phrases that will attract the most viewers.


Because he did the research beforehand, Seller B knows how to price his products based on the average sell through price for the same or similar items on eBay. This is in contrast to Seller A, who couldn’t be bothered to find out how to price his items and lost sales by having unrealistically high prices.


Along with having excellent product descriptions and photos, Seller B has a clear, concise Terms of Sale in which shipping policies---rates, approximate length of time until delivery, etc---are outlined for customers.

When prospective customers email him with questions about his listings, he answers them promptly and completely. Ditto for any buyer who has a problem or question after the sale! Seller B understands that no business can succeed without excellent customer service, and he strives to provide the best….unlike Seller A who ignored all communications from potential buyers or messages from buyers after the sale.

While Seller A didn’t take the time to find a reliable dropship product source with high quality merchandise, and sold inferior junk as a result that buyers were understandably unhappy with, Seller B chose a product source with high quality products and best practices such as low inventory notices, etc.


As a result, Seller B has great Detailed Seller Ratings and feedback from his satisfied customers!


Seller B understands that in order to succeed, every business needs a track to run on, so, he shows up in his home office area ready to work at a specified, scheduled time each day.


Working for himself means that he does have flexibility in his schedule when the need arises, but for the most part, he sticks to the plan he has drawn up for his work schedule and tasks to be accomplished each working day.


He doesn’t spend his hours playing golf, or fishing, or watching TV when he should be working, like Seller A.


Seller B is continually researching and makes it a point to stay abreast of new developments and ways he can improve his eBay dropship sales business. He attends free online webinars, engages in social media marketing, and does whatever else he believes will prove helpful in building and promoting his home business.


He understands that he will have to put forth the work and time needed to make his business a success, instead of having some pie-in-the-sky notion that riches and success will fall into his lap without any effort, like Seller A.

As time goes by, because he has taken the steps that lead down the road to success, Seller B enjoys increased sales on eBay due to good business practices, great feedback and referrals from happy customers.


His eBay business in dropship sales grows and flourishes, bringing him a very comfortable living and a wonderful, fulfilling lifestyle for himself and his family.


So, here we have a tale of two sellers. One succeeded. One failed.


But, as was evident in their individual stories, their respective success or failure had nothing to do with getting into dropship sales on eBay, and everything to do with their preparation, persistence, expectations, work ethics, and customer service.


If you want to start a home business and are considering dropship sales on eBay, you can take Seller A as your role model, and fail. Or you can adopt the practices of Seller B and succeed. It’s up to you!