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Mark Jones
Marc Rodriguez

Tell us about your business.
"I started using Drop Ship Access in 2009 back when I only sold on Ebay, and I've since expanded to Amazon, Pricegrabber, and Google base. Being able to get a data feed of the sports equiptment I sell makes my life super easy since I can load all my products quickly.
I currently only spend about 10 hours a week on my business and it brings in about $2,200 each month in profit."

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Norah Zea

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Norah Zea and am fairly new to selling online. I used to work as an nurse but I quit to focus more time on raising my children.

How long have you been with Drop Ship Access?
I've been selling online for about two years now. I started selling on ebay but their continually increasing fees annoyed me, so a few months ago I tried the webstore option, which is great because it makes it so easy to have my own website.

What have you done to help make your site a success?
I've just recently started working on my search engine ranking and just registered my domain name. Before this I just listed my site in directories on any site that would let me list my ProStores URL.

How many sales a month do you get, and what is your average profit per sale?
I'm currently getting about 100 orders per month, but I expect that number to drastically rise once I get my site rank higher in Google. Most of my current traffic is coming from my directory listings. My average profit per sale is about $12

How has using Drop Ship Access helped your business?
The fact that I can have a website with products and not have to worry about shipping is what I love most. I can focus all my energies on just promoting my website. And the education material has been a great help as well.

Being able to work from home has allowed me to spend more time with my family and has been a huge blessing. Thank you Drop Ship Access!

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