How to Drop Ship Successfully




businessman1.jpgToo many aspiring entrepreneurs forgo their dreams of building a successful online retail business. The issues entrepreneurs face when attempting to start a business often feel insurmountable. Every aspect of business seems to present another problem. From product sourcing to capital investment, the issues entrepreneurs must tackle are plentiful. Each dilemma carries the weight of confusion and the burden of indecision. The more problems pile up, the more overwhelmed entrepreneurs feel until they finally lose their drive and give up on their dreams. Fortunately, many common business issues can be solved with a simple solution: drop ship product sourcing. Drop ship product sourcing is an outstanding methodology that solves serious problems and enables entrepreneurs to set themselves up for success


Business Issues Entrepreneurs Must Overcome

Entrepreneurs must overcome many issues to build a successful online retail business. The four main hurdles that every aspiring retail entrepreneur must face are: product sourcing, inventory storage and management, capital investment, and financial risk.

Product Sourcing

The most difficult issue that business owners face is where to find a consistent source of products to sell. Not just any products will do; they must be high-quality, new, in-demand, and reasonably priced. Entrepreneurs need access to these products on a regular basis; preferably when it is convenient to them. Since many entrepreneurs start building a business while working a day job, accessing their source of products at night is essential to success.

Product availability is crucial; however, an optimal source of products is also diverse. With a wide variety of available products to choose from, aspiring entrepreneurs have the opportunity to build the type of business that suits them. A diverse selection of products enables business owners to sell in several niche markets, and launch new product offerings at any time to expand their business.




Inventory Storage and Management

Before entrepreneurs can purchase inventory they must have somewhere to store stock. Storage room size requirements are dependent upon how many products the entrepreneur intends to sell. A spare room might fit the bill for some entrepreneurs, while others may need warehouse space. Of course, when a business grows, so does the storage space requirement.

Storing inventory is important, as is managing inventory. Business owners must figure out a way to manage their stock. They need to know exact inventory counts, where each product is located, and when to order more stock. Inventory management software can be quite costly.

Capital Investment

CapitalInvestment.pngSpeaking of cost, capital is a serious issue. Capital, in this instance, is the amount of money it takes to get a business up and running. Entrepreneurs may need a hefty bankroll depending on the costs of their business solutions.

Capital investment include the cost of office equipment, office supplies, procuring stock, inventory management software, storage or warehouse space, packaging and shipping supplies, gas, and car wear and tear from driving around town to obtain stock or ship orders.

Financial Risk

Another weighty issue--financial risk--is inherent with traditional retail business models. Before entrepreneurs can launch new product lines, or sell any products, they must acquire inventory. If the stock they purchase sells, then the business makes a profit. Unfortunately, product demands change frequently, which inevitably leads some entrepreneurs with unwanted, obsolete, or outdated merchandise. Often, the only way to move the merchandise is to sell it below cost. Obviously, this formula is not conducive to success.



Processing and Shipping Orders

Fulfilling orders is time-consuming and costly. Every order must be picked, packaged, labeled, and shipped. The cost of shipping supplies, storage space for the supplies, gas, and car maintenance add up quickly. When business starts really booming, fulfilling orders can be a full-time job; which in turn requires business owners to hire an employee or two to take care of processing and shipping orders.

Time Management

Aspiring entrepreneurs must have strong time management skills to stay on top of all the issues that arise when building a business. If too much time is spent on obtaining products, handling stock, managing inventory, and fulfilling orders, then other crucial aspects of business may suffer.

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Product Sourcing Solution

happy_businessman.jpgDrop ship product sourcing is a practical solution that solves many major business issues including the most obvious issue: finding high quality, brand name products to sell. Of course, quality is not the only concern; price is equally as important.

Drop shipping provides entrepreneurs with round the clock access to wholesale products at low prices. The ability to select products to sell on a 24/7 basis enables entrepreneurs to work around their day job and other commitments. The low wholesale prices make turning a profit so easy that anyone can do it; however, the advantages of this simple solution donít stop at products and prices.

With drop shipping, entrepreneurs donít have to pre-buy merchandise or stock inventory. This means no storage space is required to run a retail business. Inventory management

software is also unnecessary. Not only is the cumbersome chore of handling stock dismissed, the financial risk of selling products online is minimized. If a product doesnít sell, the entrepreneur doesnít buy it.

Entrepreneurs gain the ability to test new products with little to no financial risk. They can launch new product lines, or start selling in additional niche markets, at any time. If the new niche doesnít pan out, business owners can immediately stop selling those products.

ascending-bar-chart-big.jpgDrop shipping frees entrepreneurs from shipping orders. This means no boxes and labels are required; trips to the Post Office, Fed Ex, or UPS are also unnecessary. Products are shipped directly from the supplier (drop ship provider) to the entrepreneurís customers. Drop ship providers even supply tracking information to make the shipping process easier for everyone involved.

This product sourcing solution works well with most types of online sales platform Ė from eBay to websites. Many business owners start drop shipping on eBay, and then expand their business to include a web store once they realize how profitable online sales can be.

Drop shipping is an excellent product sourcing solution that saves time and money while minimizing the stress associated with running a business.


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Drop Ship Business Model

The drop ship business model is a revolutionary business solution that has been around for decades. Individuals and large corporations alike use drop shipping to gain access to brand name products wholesale prices.

How Drop Shipping Works

Drop shipping involves two key players:

1.      Drop ship service provider, also known as a supplier.

2.      Entrepreneur, also known as a seller or business owner.

Research, Sign up, and Gain Access

Entrepreneurs select a reputable drop ship provider to work with, and sign up for service. The entrepreneur then gains access to an online catalog of wholesale products, which can be accessed at any time Ė day or night. Entrepreneurs also receive access to additional selling tools, such as eBay listing tools, data feeds, and how-to business guides, if they select Drop Ship Access as their product sourcing partner.

Browse, Research, and Sell

First, entrepreneurs browse through the online catalog to find products of interest. Then they research the market to determine that the products they want to sell are earning favorable profit margins. Finally, sellers list the products on eBay, their website, or both.

Collect Money, Order Products, and Enjoy the Profits

profits.pngOnce a product sells, the entrepreneur collects money from the customer, and orders the product from the supplier. The supplier ships the order directly to the entrepreneurís customer. The entrepreneur keeps the difference between the amount they sold the product for and the wholesale price of the product. For example, an entrepreneur sells a digital camera for $99. The camera has a wholesale price of $69. The entrepreneur makes a $30 profit off this one sale!

Profits start adding up quickly when entrepreneurs list multiple products at a time. Since entrepreneurs can list as many products as they want Ė without buying them first, there is no reason not to list many products. Similarly, selling big-ticket items, like high definition televisions, becomes much easier. Storage doesnít even present a problem. All inventory and shipping is handled by the drop ship supplier.



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Amazing Benefits Gained From Product Sourcing

The benefits realized from this simple methodology are outstanding. For a small membership fee, business owners gain the following product sourcing benefits:

        24/7 Access to high-quality, brand name wholesale products!

        Ability to earn a profit selling favorite niche products!

        benefits.gifMinimal out of pocket expenses!

        Minimal financial risk!

        No pre-buying stock!

        No storing, handling, or managing inventory!

        No buying shipping supplies!

        No boxing and labeling orders!

        No trips to the Post Office, Fed Ex, or UPS!

        No need to establish relationships with separate manufacturers!

        Save time, money, stress, inconvenience, space, and hassle!

        Ability to start building a business immediately!

        Ability to be your own boss and work from home!

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start.jpgWant to get started right away? Great! Try it now, risk free! You can launch your own website within minutes. Youíll have instant access to over 1.9 million brand name products from more than 350 suppliers all in one easy to use online catalog. Best of all, your satisfaction is guaranteed! Thatís right! We are so certain that you will be completely satisfied with our service that we offer a 30-day full money back guarantee. We have helped thousands of people build successful online businesses, and we would love to help you too! Donít put your dreams on hold another minute. Start now!


What is Drop Ship Access?

businessman2.jpgDrop Ship Access is a product sourcing solution. We are not a warehouse or a wholesale directory. We donít store products. We donít offer lists of possible suppliers that may or may not be willing to work with you. What do we do?

We provide you with instant access to over 1.9 million brand name drop ship products from more than 350 suppliers, and these numbers are growing all the time. Our large membership base enables us to negotiate great discounts from suppliers, which allows us to offer you our lowest price guarantee on every product.

How do we do it?

Drop Ship Access develops and maintains relationships with the best manufacturers and suppliers across the country, so you donít have to. Our service saves you time and the hassle of trying to build relationships with suppliers. Most manufacturers and suppliers wonít work with small business owners anyway, because many small businesses canít meet the purchasing requirements.

Drop Ship Access has great purchasing power due to the sheer number of members. This purchasing power has enabled us to negotiate exclusive drop ship agreements with many suppliers and manufacturers. What does this mean to you? You gain access to thousands of drop ship products that are only available to Drop Ship Access!



Is Drop Ship Access a middleman?

Absolutely not! We never take a cut of your profits. Our goal is to provide you with access to the products and training you need to build a successful online business. We pride ourselves on offering superior service. Drop Ship Access truly cares about your success!

What is the difference between a wholesale directory and Drop Ship Access?

You may have seen wholesale directories for sale, and wondered if you should use one. Unfortunately, most wholesale directory lists are filled with scammers, middlemen, outdated information, companies that went out of business, and other useless information that will waste countless hours of your precious time. A wholesale directory list of 200 suppliers may yield only 2 legitimate wholesale suppliers.

Even after locating legitimate suppliers, you still have to go through the rigorous process of applying to work with each supplier. Most manufacturers and suppliers have strict requirements, including the need to prove you are a business, provide credit referrals, and provide proof that you can meet purchasing requirements. The application process has to be completed for every supplier that you want to work with. This process can take months, and most suppliers wonít even let you view their products until you are approved.

With our service you donít have to worry about locating suppliers, meeting their qualifications, or setting up multiple accounts. Nor do you have to worry about proving that you own a business. You donít have to sign a contract or provide credit and bank referrals. Fortunately, you donít have to bother with any of that.

businessgraph.jpgDrop Ship Access makes building a successful online retail busy easy. We provide you with access to over 1.9 million high quality products from brands that customers already buy and trust. As we continue to build relationships with more suppliers, the number of drop ship products we offer access to will grow too. Our service takes the stress and hassle out of creating a business, so you can focus on generating profits.

What are the advantages of using Drop Ship Access to source products?

Drop Ship Access brings retail entrepreneurs and wholesale suppliers together, but thatís not all. We provide amazing, time-saving, and money-saving benefits to all of our members.

With Drop Ship Access, you can enjoy:

        Free stock photos, titles, and product descriptions of every product. Many suppliers do not provide this information; in fact, you often have to license product data from a third-party supplier, which can cost thousands of dollars per year. If the data is provided, it is usually in a manner that is hard to use. A team of developers is often needed to customize the data just to make it usable. We provide you with this data, free of charge, in easy to use formats for eBay, shopping cart platforms, and websites.


        Our eBay Listing Service enables you to push products directly from our online catalog to eBay with a few clicks of the mouse. Then return to our site after selling a product to check out; all of the information is filled in for you automatically. This service streamlines the selling process, and helps you work efficiently. We have a dedicated team of professionals that work every day to maintain and develop new services to help make your life easier!

        Our Website Integration Service allows you to fully automate the selling process. You can fill your store with hundreds or even thousands of products with a few simple steps. All of the photos and product descriptions are transferred in seconds. This service enables you to increase your productivity dramatically. Our team is continually creating new and improved services to serve you better!

        Our ever-growing supply of free training materials, including how-to articles, business guides, videos, insider tips, eBooks, and more! Gain the business knowledge you need to succeed.

        Comes with a 7 day Free Trial of the service. We are constantly improving our service by building more relationships, negotiating even better discounts, gaining more exclusive partnerships, adding products, and creating more value for you.

        lots-of-money.jpgSaves you thousands of dollars. If you were to sign agreements with each of our suppliers that charge a set-up fee, you would have to pay over $10,000 in set-up fees alone. These fees would only be the beginning, because you would still need to license product data. Most suppliers do not provide product data; they refer you to a third-party service provider to license the data, which costs thousands of dollars per year. In addition to thousands of dollars to get set-up, you would have to spend long hours researching wholesale suppliers, filling out paperwork, providing personal information, setting up accounts, and waiting to get approved. The approval process alone can take months, and many wholesale suppliers wonít let you view their products until you are approved. Our service enables you to skip all of these costly steps and save a tremendous amount of time!

        As a Drop Ship Access member you gain instant access to more than 1.9 million drop ship products from over 350 wholesale suppliers, all in one easy to use online catalog. All ordering, from any of our wholesale suppliers, is done in one place. Forget setting up expensive accounts and ordering in separate place; itís not worth it! Your membership will pay for itself over and over again in both time- and money-savings.

        Saves you time, money, and stress! No more buying expensive packaging supplies, boxing orders, or shipping packages! No more waiting in line at the Post Office, and
no more trips to Fed Ex or
UPS. Drop Ship Access provides hassle-free 24/7 online ordering. You can place orders when it is convenient for you. Orders are shipped directly to your customers. Itís that simple!

        Drop Ship Access enables you to streamline the selling process, so that you can create the type of business that you want. You can work part-time or full-time, day or night, and change your schedule at any time. All of the benefits that our service provides take the stress and hassle out selling, so you can focus on building a successful online business from the comfort of your own home.

The benefits our service provides take the stress and hassle out selling, so you can focus on building a successful business.



dropship_bbb.pngIs Drop Ship Access legitimate?

Drop Ship Access is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. We take our business seriously and it shows. The BBB goal is to foster a fair and effective marketplace that starts with trust. BBB accredited businesses make a commitment to conduct their business affairs with reliability and integrity.


Why should you choose Drop Ship Access?

With our help you can accomplish feats that you could never do alone, such as build the type of online business that you have previously only been able to imagine. We can help you be your own boss, work from home, and create the success you desire. Your dream of becoming an entrepreneur doesnít have to be a dream; we can help you make it a reality.

To create a retail business you need products to sell. You need a constant source of high quality products at low wholesale prices. The problem is that most manufacturers and wholesale suppliers will not work with small- to medium-sized businesses, because these businesses canít generate enough sales to meet the manufacturers or supplierís quotas. Occasionally you can find a manufacturer or supplier who is willing to work with small business owners, but then there is another huge problem to overcomeócost! For example, one of our suppliers charges a $1,000 set-up fee, and that cost doesnít include the fee to license product dataódescriptions and stock photos. Licensing products data cost thousands of dollars per year. Supplier fees arenít the only problem; there are also legal fees and contractsóoften 40 pages or moreóto deal with from each supplier or manufacturer.

While all suppliers do not have fees, many larger ones do. Why would a legitimate supplier charge you for selling their products? The fees are used to cover the cost of setting up accounts and processing paperwork. Setting up new accounts is an arduous process that involves credit checks, bank referrals, professional references, legal counsel, lots of paperwork, and plenty of phone time. The whole process can take months. Set-up fees also
deter less-serious entrepreneurs from setting up frivolous accounts and wasting the supplierís time.

Large retailers can afford start-up fees. Some giant retailers actually embrace the fees, because the steep upfront costs of starting a business keep the little guysólike youóout.


Most small- and medium-sized businesses cannot afford these hefty fees when they are starting out, so they give up. Building a successful business on your own is next to impossible. That's why Drop Ship Access makes sense. Small and medium online retailers can come together and fight back!

For a low monthly fee you can enjoy membership at Drop Ship Access. You gain instant access to over 1.9 million high quality brand name wholesale drop ship products without having to locate multiple legitimate manufacturers and wholesale suppliers that are willing to work with you. You donít have to set up multiple accounts or sign contracts. You donít have to pay legal fees, supplier set-up fees, annual data-licensing fees, or generate a set amount of sales.

bpeople.jpgWith our service, you reap the benefits of having a team of developers continually striving to improve the selling process. Our developers bring together all of the product dataófrom over 350 suppliers and countingóand provide it to you in an easy-to-use format. Our team of programmers also develops software to streamline the selling process. Their efforts have produced our eBay Listing Service and Website Integration Service among other practical and beneficial tools.

As a Drop Ship Access member, youíll benefit from our team of expert product sourcing researchers. Our team of valued professionals travels across the country to find the best wholesale suppliers and manufacturers. Our product research team builds strong relationships with these suppliers, so that we can negotiate the best possible deals for you!

We have helped thousands of people, just like you, build successful online businesses. Our members use our service to create real work from home careers. Our members sell products on their own website, eBay,,, Amazon Marketplace, and other auction websites and online shopping cart services. Many members have also monetized their own websites and blogs. Our service makes it easy to turn your traffic into profits. Savvy social media users even sell products on Twitter, FaceBook, and Tumblr. The opportunities are endless to turn your passion into profits!

Drop Ship Access supports website integration with almost all the popular shopping cart providers out there, including: Shopsite , Volusion , BigCommerce, Shopsite , Prostores, 3dCart, Yahoo storesPinnacleCart, CoreCommerce, CS Cart, Magento, OSCommerce, VendioZen Cart, Shopify, Vendio, PrestaShop and many more to make it easy for you and provide you with full dropship website automation. 


This is our passion. We love helping people. It brings us great joy to see people succeed with their online business. Itís wonderful to see entrepreneurs enjoying the prosperity that comes with building a successful business, and it feels great knowing that we, at DropShipAccess, are part of their success. It especially brings us joy to help people during this tough economic time. While many people are experiencing job loss, we are helping people build up their income online. Our members are people just like you. Some have lost


jobs, others are looking for a secure second source of income. While times are tough in many sectors of the economy, online business is booming. A great number of people are becoming very prosperous, including many DropShipAccess members.


Is Drop Ship Access for you?

Drop Ship Access is pleased to provide you with a real opportunity to build an online retail business. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an established business owner, we are here to help. You donít need a huge bankroll to get started; with one small monthly payment you gain access to over 1.9 million drop ship products or more. You donít need to store inventory, buy packaging supplies or ship orders. All products are shipped directly from the suppliers to your customers. With our low wholesale prices, amazing product selection, stock photos, product descriptions, eBay Listing Service, and Website Integration Service, you just canít lose! Drop Ship Access is your key to success.


How long does is it take to start an online business?

You can start selling products immediately on their own website, eBay,,, Amazon Marketplace, or any auction website or online shopping cart service. Why not monetize your blog or website? You can turn your traffic into profits! If youíve already spent time gaining readers, then you might as well earn some money for your efforts. Fortunately, drop shipping makes earning money easy! You can even sell products through your social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. Our service opens the door to opportunity. There is no standard waiting period. With instant access, you can start a business today!

How do you sign up?

Visit Drop Ship Access to sign up for instant access to the best drop ship products and start selling today!

Back by popular demand:

Buy a Membership today to receive access to all of the best drop ship products at the lowest wholesale pricesóguaranteed!

Common Myths about Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a relatively new practice. Although it is gaining in popularity, there are still many people who have never heard of drop shipping. Unfortunately, with unfamiliarity come uncertainness, confusion, and at least a handful of myths.

Myth #1: You Canít Make Money Drop Shipping

Sure some products have a lower profit margin than others, but drop shipping does work. In fact, many major retailers and small businesses alike use drop shipping for their product sourcing needs. Drop shipping offers retailers the ability to choose from a wide variety of products from well-known manufacturers. How else could a retailer find such a diverse selection of high-quality goods to sell? In short, they probably could not by themselves. Manufacturers generally work with groups that can meet specific volume requirements, which would be nearly impossible for an individual to adhere to. Drop shipping providers are able to meet requirements, because of the sheer volume of orders placed by members. This arrangement works well for everyone involved. Providers pass on great deals to their members who in turn earn nice profits.

Drop shipping actually saves money in some areas: building a stock of inventory, warehousing the inventory, packaging, and shipping orders. Why? All of these practices become obsolete with drop shipping. This superior type of product sourcing takes care of several aspects of business, which in turn frees up both time and money.

Myth #2: You Will Make Substantial Amounts of Money for Very Little Work

easymoney.jpgDrop shipping does save quite a bit of time in certain areas. As I already mentioned, drop shipping negates the necessity to buy and store stock. The need to package and ship orders is taken away as well; however, the time that is saved in these areas must be spent on other aspects of a business. Building a successful business of any type takes hard work. What other areas need work? Product research, listing products on auction sites or building a
web store, market research, maintain and perfecting business processes, advertising, customer service, and so on.

Nothing in life is free. To receive something, you must give up something. To build a prosperous business, you must put in the hours and do the work. As successful entrepreneurs know, the financial gains are well worth the hard work it takes to obtain them.

Myth #3:
Wholesale Suppliers Will Work With Anyone

Finding wholesale suppliers can be difficult. Wholesale directories are often filled with scammers, middlemen, and outdated information. Even if you can find a few legitimate wholesale suppliers or manufacturers, they may not work with you. Most manufacturers and wholesale suppliers have strict requirements, including the need to prove you are a business, provide bank or credit referrals, and provide proof that you can meet their high-volume purchasing requirements.

The application process has to be completed for every supplier that you want to work with. Each application can take months to process, and most suppliers wonít even let you view their products until you are approved. Fortunately, you can avoid all of that stress.

Drop Ship Access makes product sourcing simple by bringing retail entrepreneurs and wholesale suppliers together. With our service you donít have to worry about meeting seemingly impossible requirements. We wonít check your credit, and we donít require referrals. You donít have to prove that you own a business, and you donít have to commit to huge orders. Our service saves you time, money, and stress.

Myth #4: Drop Shipping is a Magic Product Sourcing Solution

Drop shipping is a practical and viable solution for many businesses. That said drop shipping is not the answer for everyone. Whether drop shipping is right for your business depends on what you are looking for in a product sourcing solution.

magic.jpgDrop shipping is right for entrepreneurs who want instant access to brand name products that are in demand, the ability to change the types of products they sell at any time, and have product images and details provided to them. Drop shipping is also for people who donít want to have to invest capital in buying, storing, and managing stock. This solution appeals to those who do not want to procure packaging supplies, handle products, and ship orders either.

Drop shipping enables retailers to sell products that are in demand. Hot and moderate demand products lead to increased sales, higher conversion rates, and satisfied customers. Another benefit of drop ship product sourcing is the ability to expand current web store offerings. Even entrepreneurs with highly specialized, niche stores are able to dramatically boost their sales by adding drop ship products that compliment the products they already carry. These additional offerings make upselling high profit margin products a snap.


Drop shipping provides unique benefits that override common excuses and delays that hinder people from starting a business. Building your own business does not have to be a dream. Combine drop shipping with determination and you can succeed. Myriads of entrepreneurs have done it and you can too!

Learn How to Drop Ship the Easy Way with three tried and true secrets of the trade! For more great business tips and secrets, check out the informative articles at Drop Ship Access Education Library.


Check out how easy it is to start an online business with drop ship products! Watch our videos to discover the secrets to drop ship success!


Conclusion and Recommendation

Drop ship product sourcing is the perfect solution to overcome the stressful, seemingly impossible business issues that aspiring entrepreneurs face when attempting to build an online retail business. Selecting a credible provider that cares is paramount to success.


Choose a Drop Ship Service Provider That Cares About Your Success

man.jpgDrop Ship Access is committed to helping every member succeed. All members have round the clock access to an extensive library of educational articles, how-to videos, and an amazing online drop ship product catalog with over 1.9 million products from more than 350 suppliers. These arenít just any products; they are high quality, name brand products that customers buy on a regular basis. Brand names include: Sony, Xbox, Samsung, Panasonic, 3M, Canon, Nikon, Swiss Army, Coleman, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Estee Lauder, DKNY, Chanel, Disney, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Symantec, and more!

Take Full Advantage of Membership Benefits

In addition to offering an outstanding number of high quality products, Drop Ship Access offers members Ö


        Outstanding customer service

        Professional business advice and training

        Business services to streamline productivity

        Educational business guides, eBooks, and toolkits

        Stock photos and product descriptions

        Lowest wholesale price guarantee

        Membership options to meet individualized needs


Drop Ship Access offers multiple membership and service options to meet the needs of all members, including first time entrepreneurs and established business owners.


How to Use eBay Listing Service

The Drop Ship Access eBay Listing Service enables members to push products from the online catalog directly to eBay! Simply browse the catalog to select a product to sell; then click the list on eBay button. An eBay listing is created. You are free to change any listing details or leave them as they are. Set the price, then click list on eBay. Itís that easy!

Letís take a closer look at how it works.

Sign in to Drop Ship Access with your account details. Browse the online catalog. Select a product to sell, and click the ďList on eBayĒ button.




1.      Edit title and add a subtitle, if desired. The eBay Listing Service automatically fills in the title of the listing for you.

2.      Select a listing type--auction or buy it now, and select a template (or not.)

3.      Add to the product description, if desired. The eBay Listing Service automatically fills in the product category and description for you.

4.      Set price and payment details.

Select the ďList on eBayĒ button to add your listing to eBay automatically.

All of the product details and a stock photo of the product are sent directly to eBay. Itís that easy! No more copying and pasting product details. No more downloading and uploading photos. All of the tedious work is done for you!

Once a customer buys an item, simply go to Drop Ship Access and select ďListed ItemsĒ to view the products you listed on eBay. Select the product that sold, and add it to your cart. Drop Ship Access recognizes your eBay sale, and fills in the customer order details for you! This amazing feature of the eBay Listing Service saves time and stress.

Imagine how much time can be saved when listing dozens of items. Now imagine listing hundreds or even thousands of items! With this easy to use service you can streamline the selling process while freeing up your time and energy, so that you can spend it building and growing your business. Selling drop ship products on eBay has never been easier! Boost your sales and grow your profits with our easy-to-use eBay Listing Service. Join Drop Ship Access now to take advantage of this service and many more!

movie.gifWatch the video for a closer look at our eBay Listing Service. lightbulb.jpg

Learn How to Increase Drop Ship Sales on eBay Today at the Drop Ship Education Library!




How to Use Website Integration Service

Our Website Integration Service enables you to add products to your website automatically. With a few clicks of the mouse you can fill your web store with hundreds, or even thousands, of products!

Hereís how it worksÖ

First, set up your account:

1.      Sign in to your Drop Ship Access account and select ďFeed Settings.Ē

2.      Select one of the shopping cart services, from the list.

3.      Enter your web store account details and save.

4.      Select whether or not you would like products with images.

5.      Select the minimum price of products. (Entering $0 will allow you to choose from all products.)

6.      Set a standard markup price by either dollar amount or fixed percentage. (For example, you could set a markup percentage of 25 to earn a 25% markup for every product sold.)

Now you are ready to add products to your store. You can fill your store with multiple products all at once, or you can choose to add products individually. The ability to add dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of products at once is extremely beneficial! You can save yourself hours of work and stress by automating your store.

Next, add products:

1.      Select a product category. Then select a subcategory, if desired. (For example, say you want to sell fragrances. Select Health & Beauty, then Fragrances.)

2.      Select another sub category, if desired. (For example, select Womenís Fragrance to create a specialized, niche store.)

Submit your feed selections. Wait 30 seconds, and your store will be filled with products! Itís that easy! Want more products? Change your feed selections. Youíre done!


One of the amazing benefits of the Website Integration Service is that if a product is out of stock, then your website will be updated automaticallyóthe product will be removed. When the item becomes available again, your website will be updatedóthe product will be added to your store again. This is all done automatically when you integrate your store with Drop Ship Access. You donít have to lift a finger! Think about the hours of work that you can save every week or even every day! With this amazing integration service, you will have much more time to devote to your business.


See our Website Integration Service in action now!

Learn How to Create a Successful Online Business in a Recession! For more great information, browse the business guides at the Drop Ship Access Education Library.


lightbulb.jpgDiscover how to Set Yourself Up for Success on eBay! For more information, browse the business guides at the Drop Ship Access Education Library.


Start Now: Build a Profitable Business Today!

Why wait?
Building a successful online business doesnít have to be just a dream. If you have regular access to a computer with an Internet connection and an interest in selling products online, then you can create a lucrative drop shipping business on eBay or your own website. Make your dreams come true! Take the first step today. Start now!


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Social Media is a very powerful tool to use to grow your business. This Social Media eBook offers some great ideas that you can apply to your business right away and see some great results. If you are new to social media, just thinking about adding it to your marketing efforts, or even if you have some basic experience in the social world, but looking to pick up some other tips as they pertain to e-commerce sites then this is the FREE eBook for you!

SEO 101: What is SEO?

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