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eBay Sellers: Master the Basics to Earn More

Lily O'Halloran

EBay is the perfect place for new sellers to start selling right away. There is no need to set up your own website, learn tricky code, create a shopping cart feature, or any of the other time consuming and difficult tasks that a website owner must face. In the long run it can be very beneficial to learn these skills, but for now an eBay seller’s account will suffice. However to become a selling pro and turn substantial profits, you will need to master the basics of selling.

Find out what is Hot Now

EBay has a very cool feature called “eBay Pulse” that allows you to find out what is hot now. Pulse creates dynamic lists of the most popular searches, stores, watched items, and other valuable information. Results cover the entire eBay marketplace. However, you can filter your results to specific categories. Pulse can help you decide what to sell. The great thing about drop shipping is that you can easily start selling new products at any time. Check out Pulse ( now!

Define Your Niche

Define your market niche to limit your competition and better understand your customers. A good understanding of your target customer enables you to create powerful listings. The more specialized your niche is the less competition you will face. Focusing on a specific area of the market makes it easier to become an expert in your field.

Become an Expert

When you are an expert in your field, people will come to you. Learn all you can about the products you are selling. Not only will you be able to boast about all of the product’s features, you will be able to answer all of your customer’s questions. Your authority will increase your trustworthiness as well. Customers prefer to buy from established sellers that have proven their trustworthiness and integrity. Build your credibility by presenting yourself as a professional at all times. Put your About Me page to good use; show your passion for your business. Become an expert and you will be the go-to person for your niche!

Use Multimedia

Pictures are a must! Product pictures should be clear and high-quality. Always include at least one picture. Add audio to improve your listings and watch your sales double, triple, or more! Recent sales show that auctions with audio are far more likely to sell than auctions without an audio clip. Power sellers using audio in their auctions have increased their sales dramatically. You can add audio to your listings with a service such as Seller’s Voice or by creating the file and code on your own. If you create your own file, remember to code for all types of browsers; IE and Netscape use different tags. Also keep in mind that if you create your own audio file, it will have to be hosted online. A quick Internet search shows that free hosting is available at numerous websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

EBay’s discussion forums are a great resource for both new sellers and established ones. New sellers can benefit by checking out the thread entitled “20 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Seller Central” in the Seller Central discussion forum of eBay. Established sellers can pick up information on new trends and sales techniques in the Seller Central discussion forums and General Announcements page.

Build Up Your Feedback

Your feedback is very important to buyers. Buyers look for positive feedback and lots of it! When you first start selling you may want to consider selling products that you know will sell fast even if they won’t make you a tidy profit. This approach enables you to build up your feedback quickly, and is beneficial if you plan on selling big ticket items later. Buyers are more likely to buy high-end products from an established seller than a new one.

Don’t Encourage Negative Feedback

You read that right! Certain practices encourage negative feedback. Unfortunately, many new sellers get greedy. They try to overcharge shipping fees, sometimes to the tune of ridiculous amounts. Don’t make this newbie mistake! If you charge your customer $14.95 to ship their package, they are going to be pretty upset when they get their package with a $2.95 label from the Post Office. Many sellers add a couple dollars to the shipping charge for a handling fee; that is generally not a problem. It is the excessive amounts that encourage customers to leave negative feedback. Another way to upset your customers is to ignore their emails. Always respond to customer communication in a timely manner. Your customers are a necessary part of your business. Treat them well, and your customers will come back time and again.

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