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Five Effective Strategies to Increase your eBay Sales

Lily O'Halloran

You can increase your eBay sales by implementing some simple, yet effective, strategies. Each of these five techniques can be used to enhance your auction listings and improve your sales figures. In this article, I will cover five strategies that you can implement right away.

1. Write a powerful auction title.

The first thing that attracts a potential customer to your listing is the auction’s title. Therefore, a powerful title is essential to increasing your eBay sales. You may wonder what constitutes a powerful title. The answer: emotive language and keywords. The effective use of emotive language, as well as keywords, will ensure that your title attracts customers and delivers results.

Emotive language includes words that evoke an emotional response. Words, such as stunning, unique, exquisite, and rare, can evoke feelings of delight, pleasure, and desire in the reader. Who doesn’t want a stunning or exquisite product? However, you should never exaggerate the quality of a product. Exaggeration leads to unhappy, dissatisfied customers. For example, do not state that your product is rare when it is widely available. The word rare is probably the most overused word on eBay. Don’t fall into that trap.

Keywords are terms that are commonly searched. Keywords include brand names, sizes, color, style, model number, and other pertinent information. Pertinent information includes terms such as NWT (new with tag), NWOT (new without tag), MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price), NWOB (new without box), and EUC (excellent used condition). The majority of eBay users find products by searching for specific keywords. You have 55 characters to create a powerful auction title; use hot keywords that are applicable to your listings to increase the number of page views.

2. Create clear and easy to understand listings.

My biggest pet peeve while shopping on eBay is coming across auctions that are impossible to understand. Some auction descriptions are so muddled that is hard to decipher what exactly the seller is attempting to sell. Don’t follow in their footsteps, because that is a path to failure.

Write clear descriptions that are easy to understand. Auction listings should be complete; they should include all of the necessary information, such as brand name, condition, size, style, color, model number, and any other valuable piece of information about the product. You may have noticed that this information is already included in your powerful auction title. That is great; consistency is another key to your success. Your listing should include the same information as your title, but also expand on those 55 characters. Your description is the place to entice a customer to buy your product! This is your chance to wow potential customers. What makes your product so special? Why should the customer buy from you? A well-written listing works as well as a full-time sales person. Put your listing to work for you!

3. Include a sales, returns, and payment policy in your listing.

Sales, returns, and payment policies are as important to your customer as they are to you. This information is very important, and should be included in your listing to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings. Sales information may include shipping and handling fees, estimated delivery times based on available delivery methods, and your insurance options. What is your return policy? Be sure to include that information in your auction listings. A payment policy includes what forms of payment you accept, whether you have a holding period, and whether you use escrow for big-ticket items. Use a professional, courteous tone in your writing, so that you do not deter customers from bidding. No one wants to buy from an angry, jaded seller. Enthusiasm aids in increasing sales and spreading joy.

4. Communicate with your buyers.

Well written, clear communication impresses buyers. A quick congratulatory email after a winning bid that includes easy to follow payment directions generally produces quicker customer payments. When you respond to customer’s inquiries and winning bids in a timely manner, customers will feel that they are receiving something – which aids in satisfying the desire for instant gratification. Customers really appreciate a seller that takes the time to keep them informed of their order’s status. Drop a quick email to let your customer know that their order has been shipped, and once more after the order has been received. Always add the correct auction id to your correspondence. Consistent, clear communication with your customers will increase your customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and positive feedback.

5. Open an eBay store.

Opening an eBay store is a viable business solution that enables sellers to quickly and easily create a web presence, boost sales, and create a brand name for their business. This solution is both simple and cost-effective for any size of business. Tools are provided by eBay that enable you to promote your business, manage your sales, analyze your statistics, and grow your business. Over 75% of eBay Store sellers reported an increase in sales when opening their store. Opening an eBay store worked for them, and it can work for you too.

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