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Seven Marketing Tips for Success

Lily O'Halloran

You have an online business. You sell great products. Overall you are doing pretty well, right? Sure you are doing well, but you could be doing even better. Learn seven easy marketing techniques that will help your business realize its full potential.

1. Capture your customer’s interest … again.

Consumer studies show that consumer’s behavior is consistent. If a customer is interested in a specific promotion now, they are likely to be interested in the same type of promotion later. This is just one of many reasons why recordkeeping is vital for success. Keep a log of customer purchases, likes, and dislikes to cater promotions to consumer preferences. You caught their interest before; will you do it again?

2. Be a credible source.

Create listings and ad copy that are specific, consistent, and accurate. Be an authority on your products to establish a greater sense of credibility. Always follow through with your commitments – live up to your word. Credibility builds trust and a following of loyal customers.

3. Create a free e-newsletter.

An email newsletter is a powerful way to attract more sales. Newsletters enable you to be an authority and enhance your credibility. You can share your knowledge, offer tips for getting the most out of your products, and share news of upcoming promotions. Newsletters should be informative and interesting. Subscribers often become loyal customers.

4. Personalize all correspondence.

By taking the time to personalize your correspondence, you show customers that you value their business. No one appreciates a cookie-cutter response to a specific question or concern. Addressing your customers by their name builds trust and a strong customer relationship. Customers are the lifeblood of your business; show them how much they mean to you by being courteous, professional, and kind.

5. Create a strong web presence.

Optimize your web site to achieve better search results by using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Start a blog to share your product knowledge, answer customer questions, and share your enthusiasm for the products you sell. Post on virtual communities and forums to interact with potential and current customers. Customers will see that you are an expert in your field. A strong, professional web presence will help build positive customer relationships.

6. Write clear, concise, and persuasive copy.

Begin with an attention-grabbing opener to spark interest. Use powerful adjectives and strategic word choice throughout your copy to create persuasive prose. An informal tone builds rapport with customers. Use that rapport to build credibility and to influence consumer decisions. Create copy that highlights facts and boasts the benefits of your products.

7. Plan for the future.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t stand idle, and neither should you. Doing so will allow your competitor’s to beat you to the punch. Plan for the future by watching current trends. Keeping abreast of trends will enable you to anticipate future consumer needs and desires. Strategize to be one of the first to offer consumers what they want, and you will earn a tidy profit while controlling a portion of the market. Complacence won’t lead you to success, but driving ambition with a solid focus will.

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