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Marketing for More

Lily O'Halloran

Why is marketing such a valuable practice? Marketing brings in new customers, encourages previous customers to return, and aids in creating a brand image for your store. Effective marketing strategies bring more to your business: more value, more customers, and more sales. In this article, I will cover a few marketing strategies that you can use to gain more.


Email newsletters are an inexpensive method you can use to reach a significant number of customers. E-newsletters provide an easy way to announce new products, special promotional events, and address common customer questions. They are also a great place to add customer testimonials. They should be interesting enough that customers are compelled to read the newsletter. Boring content and fluff are all considered a waste of time by consumers. Jazz up your newsletter with colored fonts and graphics. Don’t forget to use headlines and vary font sizes. Newsletters should be easy to understand, but not wordy -- clear and concise is best!

Snail Mail Ads

Email ads are wonderful, but don’t forget the value of snail mail ads. Many consumers are more likely to shop a specific sale or store when they have an actual ad in hand. Neglecting these customers can be a tragedy to your sales figures! A compelling ad is informative, creates enthusiasm, and is visually pleasing to the eyes. A simple one-page color flyer mailed once or twice a month can generate a positive impact on sales.

Bounce Back Coupons

A bounce back coupon is given at the time of purchase. It is a coupon that is valid for a future purchase. Bounce back coupons bounce a customer back to your store by enticing them to make a purchase on a future date. For example, you might give every customer that places an order this week a coupon that is valid for 20% off their entire purchase during the first two weeks of next month. Bounce back coupons generally have a good rate of return.

Door Prize Drawings

Door prize drawings are a popular method of attracting customers for a specific sale or event. Door prizes can be awarded randomly to customers visiting your store during an event. How can you translate this approach online? Simply provide an online guestbook for customers to sign, or use the email the seller a question feature on auction websites. Prizes can include coupons, gift cards, or small freebies. Drawings work well, especially when there are plenty of winners. Prizes encourage customer satisfaction and loyalty. The majority of winning customers will return to your store at a future date.

Freebie with Email Opt-In

Need more email subscribers? Offer a freebie to customers that opt-in to your list. What type of freebies do customers want? Consider this question from your point of view. What would you entice you to opt-in? A good coupon, such as $5 off any purchase or free shipping on any purchase would be valuable to a customer. Maybe you have magnets, key chains, pens, post-it pads, or other small freebies that you could offer. There are numerous online resources to purchase these types of promotional gifts at great prices.

Customer Testimonials

Customers love reading testimonials written by consumers like them. Choose customer testimonials that are passionate and uplifting to add to your website or auction listings. Power Sellers generally see an increase in sales just from adding customer testimonials to product listings. Testimonials also work wonders for e-newsletters, snail mail ads, and any other marketing material that ends up in your customer’s hands. Customers are more likely to send you their own testimonial when they see that many other customers have already done so, which provides another benefit to you: more testimonials to choose from!

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