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How to Increase Traffic to Your eBay Listings

Lily O'Halloran

You sell great products. Your auction listings are detailed – even professional looking, so where are all of your customers? After all of your hard work they should be flocking to your eBay listings. I know what you’re thinking… Maybe you should lower your prices again, right? Wrong! Lowering your price is not the answer, unless you would rather make friends than money. What you need to do is increase the traffic to your auction listings.

Have you ever noticed how some auctions have hundreds, or even thousands, of visitors? Take a look at the seller of one of those auctions, and you will see that nearly all of their auctions have heavy traffic. How do they do it? It’s really not as hard as you may think. The secret lies in creating an effective title, increasing exposure to your listings, and observing other sellers.

The single most important component of an eBay listing is the title. An effective title lures visitors. The more visitors your listing attracts, the more likely your auction will end with a winning bid. What constitutes an effective title? The perfect auction title is keyword rich and relevant to the product listed. Keywords include model number, product name, brand name, size, color, style, and so on. Think like a buyer. Let’s say that you are a customer searching for the product that you sell. What words would you, the buyer, use to search for this product? Those words are the keywords that should be included in your title.

When a buyer performs a search, eBay’s search engine matches the search words against auction titles. If any search words match keywords in your title, then your listing will be included in the results. When you choose the best possible keywords for your auction, you will increase the traffic to your listings. The majority of buyers use eBay’s search feature to shop. Make sure that your listings show up in buyer’s search results.

Increase exposure to your listings to sell more products. Use eBay’s Featured Plus! to increase your listing exposure two ways. First, your listing will appear in the featured items section at the top of the page that it naturally falls under. Second, Google and other search engines may pick up your listing as they crawl the web. Search engines generally crawl only a few links deep. By placing your listing in the featured items section, your listing is more likely to get picked up by a search engine. Keywords help with search engine exposure as well. Carefully selected keywords optimize your listing for search engine results.

Learn from other sellers; the good and the bad. By watching other sellers’ auctions, you can determine what works and what doesn’t. As the saying goes, “Imitation is the purest form of flattery.” Imitate successful sellers to become successful. Their success shows that buyers are willing to pay more than rock-bottom prices. Cutting your price is not the key to success. Buyers are ready and willing to pay what you’re asking. The key to success is increasing traffic to your auctions.

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