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How to Write an Effective eBay Title

Lily O'Halloran
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The titles you write will make or break your success on eBay. Why? Statistics show that over 80% of buyers find listings through eBay’s search tool. If your listings don’t come up in buyers’ search results, then you won’t even have a chance to sell your products. However, when your listings do come up, your sales figures can increase dramatically. How? With an effective eBay title, your relevant auctions will be listed in buyer’s search results.

What is an effective eBay title? An effective title is written with care, so that each word in the title maximizes the chance that the listing will appear in buyer’s search results. Not just any results, but relevant ones. What does that mean? Relevant search results simply means that if a customer is searching for an iPod, then listings containing iPods are revealed. By choosing keywords wisely, your auctions will show up in search results for buyers looking to purchase exactly what you are selling. An effective title not only increases the exposure of your listings, it actually introduces your product to potential buyers.

Why shouldn’t the title target as many buyers as possible? An effective title does. However, it makes a differentiation between buyers looking for your product and ones who are not. For example, does a buyer looking for a Hello Kitty toy want to see your iPod auction? No, they probably do not.

A good title targets buyers that are looking for a specific item. This helps the buyer, as well as the seller. Buyers want to search and locate products quickly. Sellers want buyers interested in their products to see their listings and to purchase the product. An effective title brings the right buyers and sellers together.

Now that you know what an effective title is, let’s look at how to write one. Let’s use the iPod example again – the iPod Touch to be exact. The most important piece of information in the title is the actual product name, which is iPod Touch. Always add the brand name of the product; in this case, Apple. Important details, such as size or storage capacity, should be included as well. This iPod touch has a 32GB storage capacity. Product or model numbers should also be included, especially for electronics. So far we have “Apple iPod Touch 32GB MB533LLA”. That looks good, but there is room to add more enticing details. Titles can have up to 45 characters. One thing that makes electronic gadgets cool is cutting edge features, so you want to mention that this product is second generation. Another important aspect to include is that the product is new. This example gives us the title, “New Apple iPod Touch 32GB MB533LLA Second Gen” which makes full use of every character allowed.

The example above will attract numerous potential buyers. The title will show up in search results of buyers looking for Apple products, iPods, iPod Touch, and Second generation products. The listing will also show up for buyers searching specifically for that model number and ones looking for a product with 32GB storage capacity. The more details that you include, the more likely your listing is to show up in buyers’ search results. Good titles let the buyer know what to expect, which makes shopping easier and more enjoyable. A happy shopper is more likely to place a bid than a frustrated one. Keep shoppers happy and headed in your direction with titles that work.

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