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How to Earn More Money on eBay

Lily O'Halloran

You can earn more money from the same products that you are currently selling on eBay by implementing a few quick strategies. In this article, you will learn a few techniques that you can use today.

The Benefits of Research

One simple step that is often overlooked by both new and seasoned sellers is research. Quality research time enables you to uncover additional features and benefits of products. Learn why consumers want a product; then use those reasons as key selling points.

You can attract more buyers by using pattern and line names in auction titles and listings. Vintage items, antiques, dishes, apparel, and accessories are often associated with specific line names. Buyers searching for those types of items will know the associated line names, and use the names in their search queries. However, if you list an item with the wrong pattern name, buyers will run away screaming. Maybe they won’t really scream, but they will write you off by avoiding your auctions. Collectors want to deal with experts in their field. Become an expert to earn more money and attract more buyers.

The Correct Category Counts

The time you spend researching should help you identify the correct category in which to list products. Category choice is important for a couple reasons. First of all, many buyers browse eBay categories. Let’s say you are selling the new Wall-E DVD. If you list the DVD in Collectibles then buyers browsing DVDs & Movies will never see your auction. How can you sell your DVD to buyers that don’t see your listing? You cannot. All of the buyers browsing movies won’t have the chance to be enticed by your listing.

Alternatively, some buyers know exactly what they want. Those buyers use the search tool to look for specific products. The problem: Their search yields an overwhelming number of auctions. This generally causes buyers to narrow their results by refining their query. For example, the buyer searches for a Wall-E DVD and is overwhelmed with choices. She whittles down her options by selecting DVDs & Movies. Uh, oh! Your listing is out of the running now, because you listed the DVD under Collectibles.

Correct category choice is essential for success. Use the correct category to earn more money by increasing traffic to your auctions. If you are unsure of the correct category, then spend some time researching what category other sellers use for the product. Another option is to list the product in multiple categories for a small fee. Once again, perform research to determine if listing in multiple categories is worth the additional cost.

Great Photos Equal More Money

Statistics show that auctions with good quality photos have higher winning bids. What is a good quality photo? A photo that is sharp, clear, uses good lighting, and provides a close-up of the product is considered good quality. Look at your photos from a buyer’s point of view. Can you tell what product is in the photo? Is the condition of the product easy to decipher? Does the product look attractive? Does the photo highlight special features of the product? Take a minute to consider these questions. Images speak volumes. Make your photos work for you.

Although quality photos are best, any photo is better than no photo. Not using a picture in an auction is unacceptable. Buyers expect to see a picture of the product. Without a photo, bids are very unlikely. Buyers want to see photos for a few reasons. They want to know that the seller has the product. Buyers want to see the condition of the product, and they want to make sure that the product is the one that they want.

Word to the wise: Overwhelming clutter or a messy house in the background of a picture hurts your chance of selling products. Who wants merchandise from a dirty house? Yuck!

Keywords are for Content

The written content of an auction listing should be filled with keywords. Keywords are words associated with the product and are commonly used as search terms. They enable your auction to show up on eBay’s search feature and other search engines, like Google, if you promote your auctions. You can promote your auctions with virtual communities, like MySpace, blog posts, personal websites, and by posting on discussion forums. Check discussion forums guidelines before posting your auctions, as some forums prohibit ads.

Auction content should be rich in details, persuasive, and use correct spelling. Product details help buyers make informed decisions. Buyers in the know will not be disappointed, because they know what to expect from the product. Keep buyers happy with clear, concise, and clean copy. Listings should be persuasive. Let your copy be a full-time salesperson. Use a casual, good-natured writing voice to boast the benefits and features that customers can obtain by using your product. Every person who comes across your auction listings is a potential buyer. Creative, persuasive copy sells more products than boring content. Correct spelling helps establish credibility. Not only is correct spelling easier to read, it sends a professional message. Buyers are willing to pay higher prices to a professional than Joe Schmoe that sells stuff on eBay.

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