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The Value of Drop Shipping

Lily O'Halloran

Drop shipping is a valuable online business solution for both small and large businesses. The benefits gained from this simple methodology are outstanding. In this article, I will reveal a handful of the most beneficial aspects of drop shipping.

What is drop shipping?

In order to truly understand the advantages of drop shipping, one must first learn what drop shipping means. Drop shipping is an arrangement between a distributer and a seller that enables sellers (entrepreneurs) to sell products before purchasing the products. The distributer (drop shipping provider) maintains valuable business relationships with the manufacturers of the products. Drop shipping provides entrepreneurs with the ability to sell products directly from the manufacturers of the merchandise. This arrangement works well for everyone involved. Manufacturers do not sell to individuals, because they only sell in large quantities. By using a drop shipping service, individuals are able to buy products at wholesale prices. Low prices mean better profits for sellers. Drop shipping provides access to a diverse selection of quality products.

How does drop shipping work?

Drop shipping is as easy as it gets for sellers. Let’s take a look at how drop shipping works. Sellers (entrepreneurs) choose a reputable drop shipping service, such as Drop Ship Access, to be their distributer. The entrepreneur browses through the online catalog to determine which products they would like to sell. Once that decision has been made, the entrepreneur can start selling products right away on their website or through an auction website, such as eBay. Once a product is sold, the entrepreneur collects money from the customer and places the order through their drop shipping provider. The manufacturer ships the product directly to the customer. It’s that easy!

What value does drop shipping bring an entrepreneur?

Drop shipping provides amazing value to aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike. Whether you are just starting out, or you are a seasoned seller, drop shipping will provide you with numerous benefits. One of the most obvious benefits is that you can sell products without purchasing them first. This means a large amount of capital is not required to start your business. Anyone can do it! Another amazing benefit of drop shipping is that you are not required to stock, store, and manage inventory. Buying stock can be very expensive. Storing inventory can cost an outrageous amount of money. A large stockroom, or warehouse, is required for traditional retailers. Not with drop shipping! Drop shipping enables you to sell products without handling them – ever! Not only do you not have to handle the products, you are not required to weigh, package, or ship them either! No trips to the Post Office to ship packages! No buying shipping supplies to mail orders. No boxing or labeling packages! Drop shipping is a tremendous time-saver. Drop shipping saves you money, time, space, stress, and hassle. Drop shipping is a viable business solution for aspiring online retailers. Why wait? Start earning profits today!

A quick overview of amazing benefits drop shipping provides sellers:

  • Minimal money out of pocket to sell products!

  • Little to no risk! If a product doesn’t sell, then you don’t buy it!

  • No purchasing large quantities of products to sell!

  • No storing inventory!

  • You don’t have to handle the product!

  • No buying packing and shipping supplies!

  • No boxing or labeling orders!

  • No trips to the Post Office!

  • Save time, money, stress, inconvenience, space, and hassle!

  • No need to establish business relationships with manufacturers!

  • You can start selling today – right now!

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