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Turnkey Solutions Up Close and Personal

Lily O'Halloran

Turnkey e-commerce websites are a practicable solution for countless aspiring entrepreneurs. Turnkey solutions provide website set-up at breakneck speed for minimal cost, and include comprehensive e-commerce website tools and features. There are many benefits to using a turnkey business solution, but there are various drawbacks to take into consideration as well. For example, branding can be difficult with a generic website template.

What’s an entrepreneur to do? Use business objectives and requirements to weigh the pros and cons of turnkey solutions to determine the suitability to your specific e-commerce needs.

Up and Running

Consider the timeframe you have to get your business up and running. Do you have days, weeks, or months to develop a fully-functional and secure e-commerce website? A clear-cut advantage of turnkey solutions is expeditious deployment. With turnkey solutions, an e-commerce website can be up and running within a matter of days. The time it takes to roll out a website will vary depending on the amount of customization required, which includes producing graphics, writing content, and implementing site requirements. Turnkey solutions can save a tremendous amount of time.

Easy Does It

Not only do turnkey solutions offer rapid development, most solutions provide an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI). Whether you are a novice Internet-user or a web programmer, a simple turnkey GUI makes creating websites a cinch. E-commerce solution providers allow you to choose a design from carefully created website templates developed for specific market niches, or opt to have a website designed specifically for your needs by the provider’s professional designers. Once a design is chosen or created, you can immediately begin building your business using the GUI. The simplicity alone is a compelling reason to use turnkey solutions.

Uniquely Yours

Producing a unique e-commerce website with a turnkey solution can prove to be difficult, unless you are willing to spend accordingly. Some providers do, as mentioned above, work with you to create storefront designs suited to your preferences; however, singular designs can be costly depending on specific requirements. Is the added cost worth it? It could be. Websites that deviate from standard designs stand out from the crowd and are easier to brand than generic ones. If your budget doesn’t allow for professional customization at this point, don’t despair! A simple website is better than no website. Additions and makeovers can always be incorporated once your business grows.

Technically Resourceful

Do you possess the skills to create a professional e-commerce website? If so, you may prefer to choose a web hosting provider that offers additional components over a turnkey solutions provider. Numerous web hosting providers offer website components, including shopping carts, search features, and database functionality, for a very reasonable fee. You will also need a merchant account and gateway provider, which some web hosts also provide for a fee. Turnkey solutions come in all sizes. If you determine that you only need specific website components, turnkey solutions are still a viable choice. Use your specific business requirements to determine the best solution for your needs.

SEO Benefits

Turnkey solutions offer easy methods of promoting your online business. Promoting concepts include search engine optimization (SEO), Google Base feed, shopping site feed, in-store promotions, and up-selling merchandise. The benefits gained from promoting your business can be astronomical; they can literally lead to making or breaking (with a lack of promotion) your business. Search engine optimization is an indispensible process, thus should not be taken lightly as an advantage of turnkey solutions. You may already know how to promote a website with these concepts. If not, then website promotion should be a key factor in choosing a solution provider. What good is an online business that no one can find?

Ready and Waiting

Don’t know where to start? Check out these credible and reliable turnkey solution providers:

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