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Drop Shipping Secrets

Lily O'Halloran

Drop shipping provides an easy and effective solution to aspiring business owners. With this simple methodology anyone can start their own business. Why then are there not more entrepreneurs jumping on the bandwagon? First, more business owners than you realize do use drop shipping for their source of products. One of the amazing benefits of drop shipping is that it provides a seamless solution; customers are not aware that their order is shipped directly from the manufacturer. Second, more business owners would use drop shipping, if they knew how simple product sourcing can be. Drop shipping is a powerful solution. In this article, I will let you in on a few drop shipping secrets that will have you earning more money faster than you ever thought possible.

Simple Solution

Who ever knew that starting a home-based business could be so simple? Drop shipping makes building your own business so easy that anyone can do it. One of the most noteworthy advantages of drop shipping is that you do not pay for products out of your own pocket; you do not pay for a product until a customer pays you! Drop shipping enables you to sell products without buying inventory. This product sourcing solution allows you to save your bank roll for other areas, and free up space that would have been used for storing inventory. No buying inventory, no storing products! What else? With drop shipping, you never actually have to handle the product at all! This means no boxing orders, no trips to the Post Office. No buying packaging supplies, no wasting gas driving around town. Drop shipping saves you money, time, and stress.

Sell Where?

Where can you sell products? You can sell products anywhere and anyway that you choose. The two most common methods of selling are through an auction website, such as eBay or Amazon, and through your own e-commerce website. Many entrepreneurs choose to sell through both, thus increasing their sales while promoting their online business.

Auction websites make selling a cinch. Sellers can choose to sell through online auctions, through a storefront, or both. EBay and Amazon provide tools to make selling effortless. Turnkey solutions are fully-functioning e-commerce website business solutions. To learn more about these viable business solutions, check out the following links:

eBay ProStores

Yahoo Stores

eBay Turbo Lister


eBay TurboLister

Starting your own business is easy enough, but how can you make money when there are so many sellers online already? The answer is easy. Read on to uncover a couple secrets that are bound to make your business successful.

Use Your Competition

What do you do when your competition is selling iPods, Nintendo Wiis, and other name brand merchandise that you want to sell? Take advantage of the fact that you have competition by selling accessories to these hot products! Most customers that pay top dollar for name brand products want the name brand accessories to go with them. Why? Name brands offer a perception of luxury; some of the products are in fact luxurious, but often the name brand is just perceived as superior. What does this mean to you? Profit! It is easier to make a tidy profit by selling name brand products that it is by selling generic ones, because name brands are hot. Hot products are in demand, thus they sell more frequently and for a higher price.

Cash In On Currency

A sure-fire method to making quick sales and fast cash is selling products that are timely, seasonal, or hot right now. A timely product is one that is popular right now – currently. For example, when the movie Iron Man came out, Iron Man merchandise sales went through the roof. This is the type of currency that you can cash in on! Seasonal merchandise, such as Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, sells like crazy when in season. Hot products also increase your sales figures. Timely products, seasonal merchandise, and hot products are constantly changing. The secret of drop shipping is that is good news for you! Why? While your competitors are out there struggling to keep up with current trends by stocking inventory, you can immediately change the products you sell. Drop shipping enables you to choose what you sell. Give yourself a leg-up on the competition by using Drop Ship Access – your product sourcing solution.

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