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Five Secrets to Making More Money on eBay

Lily O'Halloran

Tips and techniques that boast methods to increase sales, make more money, and grow a business can be found throughout the World Wide Web. Some methods work, while others do not. This article focuses on five secrets that do work. Use these simple tips and techniques to make more money on eBay.

1. Use a credible drop shipping service provider.

Drop shipping enables entrepreneurs to keep overhead costs at a minimum. By using a drop shipping provider, business owners are able to sell products without stocking inventory; this simple method saves money, space, stress, and time. Entrepreneurs are not required to spend a fortune buying merchandise to sell, nor do they need a warehouse to store inventory. Drop shipping permits sellers to sell products before buying them. Once a product sells, the seller then collects money from the buyer and places the order through the drop shipping provider. Orders are then shipped from the manufacturer directly to the customer. Not having to box, label, or ship orders frees up time and money for entrepreneurs to work on other areas of their business.

The key to creating a successful business using the drop shipping methodology is choosing a credible and reliable drop shipping provider, such as Drop Ship Access. A credible drop shipping provider is recognized by the Better Business Bureau, has a wide selection of products to choose from, and has relationships with top manufacturers. A reliable provider updates stock frequently, provides helpful customer service, and is there when you need them. Drop Ship Access is a proven leader in the industry that aids entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams.

2. Research the market to determine what products are hot.

Knowing what’s hot and what products are not will help you succeed. A cool tool provided by eBay allows you to keep an eye on the ever-changing world of auctions. This tool, known as Pulse, creates dynamic lists of popular products, searches, and stores. Pulse also creates lists of the most watched items, and lets users choose specific categories – 34 different categories in all, to filter results to specific niches. This valuable resource is free to use, and provides a simple way to stay informed of current trends, hot picks, and the changing market.

Pulse is a great place to start your research, but don’t end there. Use this tool to stay in the know, but be sure to expand on the information you glean from the lists. For example, take a look at popular stores to see what they are doing to stay on top. Offering a wide selection of products is important, but successful sellers go beyond the basics. Compare popular sellers with unpopular ones to determine what makes a store hot. Does the successful store offer special promotions? Perhaps they have clear and complete return policies. Maybe they accept PayPal, which is becoming increasingly popular among both buyers and sellers. Emulate successful sellers to grow your business.

3. Perfect eBay titles and auction listings.

This simple secret cannot be overstated. An auction’s title is what attracts buyers to the listing. Without a good title, buyers will pass over a listing. How can sellers sell products without any buyers? Simply put, they cannot.

A good title does three things: enables the listing to show up in relevant searches, entices buyers to view the auction, and informs potential buyers to the product being auctioned. A title should be filled with as many relevant keywords as possible including what the product is, the brand, the condition, and other key information. The more keywords used in the title, the more likely the auction is to show up in search results. Titles should be written in a manner that makes buyers want to see the auction. Let’s take a look at an example. Here are two eBay auction titles for the same product:


“iPod Touch New”

Which title do you think brought more traffic to the auction? Which auction do you think sold for more money? If you guessed the first one, you are correct. The first title grabs the buyer’s attention, states exactly what the product is (no surprises), and includes many keywords. The second title does state the product and condition, but it doesn’t entice a buyer to view the listing.

The same concepts apply to creating good auction listings. Every auction listing should state exactly what product the auction is for, so there are no surprises when a buyer wins and receives the product. Auction listings should entice buyers to bid on the auction. Listings should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. Any policies, such as return or payment, should be stated in simple terms and in a courteous manner. Don’t make the newbie mistake of writing a long laundry list of what the buyer should not do; all that does is scare away buyers, which pretty much defeats the purpose of the auction. Always include at least one high quality photo, so that the buyer can see what they are bidding on. A quality photo is informative and shows the product in a positive light. Don’t forget to use spell-check when writing auction descriptions. Listings with too many errors look unprofessional. Buyers may write off the seller as lazy and incompetent. Buyers want to bid on auctions from trustworthy sellers. Be a professional to sell more.

4. Promote auction listings to increase their visibility.

A simple way to promote your auctions is by listing your other auctions in each listing. eBay allows sellers to list up to twelve other auctions in each listing. If you have an eBay store, then be sure to inform buyers of the great deals currently offered in your storefront. eBay also offers a free tool to help sellers cross-promote their auctions. Cross-promotions appear when a buyer shows interest in your auctions, either by bidding or winning the auction. Cross-promotions also show up when a buyer views listings in your storefront. To enable cross-promotions, select the Change you Cross-Promotions option at the top of any of your current listings or through the Marketing Tools link on eBay.

5. Be a trustworthy seller with a great reputation.

A trustworthy seller builds customer loyalty by gaining a good reputation and building positive feedback. How can you earn buyer confidence and positive feedback? A trustworthy seller does what he says, which means he sells the products that are listed in his auctions -- in the condition stated. He ensures orders are shipped promptly. He is polite and courteous to customers. He takes care of any issues that arise. He respects and values his customers. He is a professional and buyers know that they can count on him. Be a trustworthy seller to gain a loyal following of happy, satisfied buyers.

Insider secrets bring everyday sellers viable solutions to make more money. By implementing the five strategies above, sellers will increase their sales and stack tidy profits. What are you waiting for? Start earning more money today.

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