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Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Lily O'Halloran

Effective Email Marketing Strategies

Too many small business owners assume that spam has killed email marketing. Fortunately, they are wrong. According to the Direct Marketing Association return on investment (ROI) for email marketing far exceeds other methods of marketing. In 2008, email marketing ROI was $45.06 per dollar spent. Compare that to the $19.94 ROI per dollar of non-email web marketing, or the $15.55 ROI per dollar of direct marketing. Email marketing is still alive and well in 2009. Take advantage of this easy marketing method by following a few simple strategies.

Clean Up To Impress

One of the most important elements of email marketing is to market to current and potential clients. An outdated email list is a waste of time that could lead to the demise of your reputation. Unsolicited emails are an annoyance to those who are not interested. Clean up your email list by updating unsubscribe requests. Grow your email list with confirmed opt-in. A shiny new list will improve your delivery rates and marketing results while strengthening your credibility.

Personalize To Pique Curiosity

Personalizing emails by using your client’s name in the subject line and the body of text is great, but not enough. That clever technique does draw attention; however, you can expand on personalization to pique your client’s curiosity. How? Put your customer data to work. Many small businesses use customer relationship management (CRM) software and lead-generation systems that are a goldmine of information. No CRM or lead-generators? Use your client’s purchasing history to determine the types of products that interest them. Integrate this valuable data into your marketing plan to create a campaign that far surpasses previous ones.

Relive Past Successes

Take a good look at past marketing campaigns. What elements of those campaigns worked? What parts were a no go? Isolate the effective elements from the rest. Superior results can be achieved by combining successful elements of past campaigns with fresh, new ideas. Tracking all pertinent marketing data is crucial to creating marketing strategies that work. The collected data enables you to decipher what elements of a campaign are effective and which are wastes of time. The data will prove to be a wealth of information for future marketing campaigns.

Short And Sweet

Effective emails are short and sweet; they get to the point quickly. Long drawn out emails do not work. Internet users want instant gratification. A lengthy email will likely be short-lived. Why? Readers want to scan a message and grasp the meaning right away. If your email doesn’t allow for quick comprehension, it’s bound to end up in the trash. Grab your readers’ attention and hold it.

Short, personal subject lines that are not written in all caps have the highest rates of click-through. Subject lines that share news, announcements, create a sense of urgency, provide a benefit, or make your reader curious are best. Of course, the email message must relate to the subject line or it’s a goner. Tricking readers to open an email will damage your reputation, and cause readers to unsubscribe. Keep your message clear, concise, and focused.

Take the time to write effective marketing emails. The ROI of email marketing clearly shows the power that this method holds.

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