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Debunking Drop Shipping Myths

Debunking Drop Shipping Myths

Drop shipping is a relatively new practice. Although it is gaining in popularity, there are still many people who have never heard of drop shipping. Unfortunately, with unfamiliarity come uncertainness, confusion, and at least a handful of myths. This article will attempt to debunk a few common drop shipping myths.

Myth #1: You can’t make money with drop shipping.

Sure some products have a lower profit margin than others, but drop shipping does work. In fact, many major retailers and small businesses alike use drop shipping for their product sourcing needs. Drop shipping offers retailers the ability to choose from a wide variety of products from well-known manufacturers. How else could a retailer find such a diverse selection of high-quality goods to sell? In short, they probably could not by themselves. Manufacturers generally work with groups that can meet specific volume requirements, which would be nearly impossible for an individual to adhere to. Drop shipping providers are able to meet requirements, because of the sheer volume of orders placed by members. This arrangement works well for everyone involved. Providers pass on great deals to their members who in turn earn nice profits.

Drop shipping actually saves money in some areas: building a stock of inventory, warehousing the inventory, packaging, and shipping orders. Why? All of these practices become obsolete with drop shipping. This superior type of product sourcing takes care of several aspects of business, which in turn frees up both time and money.

Myth #2: You will make substantial amounts of money for very little work.

Drop shipping does save quite a bit of time in certain areas. As I already mentioned, drop shipping negates the necessity to buy and store stock. The need to package and ship orders is taken away as well; however, the time that is saved in these areas must be spent on other aspects of a business. Building a successful business of any type takes hard work. What other areas need work? Product research, listing products on auction sites or building a web store, market research, maintain and perfecting business processes, advertising, customer service, and so on.

Nothing in life is free. To receive something, you must give up something. To build a prosperous business, you must put in the hours and do the work. As successful entrepreneurs know, the financial gains are well worth the hard work it takes to obtain them.

Myth #3: Drop shipping service providers will work with anyone.

Drop shipping service providers are selective. Why? Each provider has a different arrangement with their suppliers. Some providers require tremendous upfront fees, some require large-quantity orders, and others require minimum orders per month. Providers such as these are required to meet certain expectations pressed upon them by their suppliers, thus they will only consider working with individuals who can meet their needs. Fortunately, there are reputable drop shipping providers that do not require minimum orders, hefty upfront fees, or high-priced wholesale products.

Drop Ship Access provides a wide selection of quality brand name products at low wholesale prices for a modest fee. How can they be so reasonable? Drop Ship Access has special relationships with leading manufacturers, thus they are able to pass their good fortune – great products at reasonable prices, on to their members. Selecting a reputable drop shipping provider is essential to create a successful business.

Myth #4: Drop Shipping is the be-all and end-all product sourcing solution.

Drop shipping is a practical and viable solution for many businesses. That said drop shipping is not the answer for everyone. Whether drop shipping is right for your business depends on what you are looking for in a product sourcing solution. Drop shipping is right for entrepreneurs who want instant access to brand name products that are in demand, the ability to change the types of products they sell at any time, and have product images and details provided to them. Drop shipping is also for people who don’t want to have to invest capital in buying, storing, and managing stock. This solutions appeals to those who do not want to procure packaging supplies, handle products, and ship orders either. Drop shipping enables retailers to sell products that are in demand. Hot and moderate demand products lead to increased sales, higher conversion rates, and satisfied customers.

Drop shipping provides unique benefits that override common excuses and delays that hinder people from starting a business. Building your own business does not have to be a dream. Combine drop shipping with determination and you can succeed.

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