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Drop Shipping Best Practices

Lily O'Halloran

Drop Shipping Best Practices

Drop shipping empowers entrepreneurs to reach their goals. This product sourcing solution reduces costs, time, and stress, while streamlining the entire selling process. The advantages of drop shipping are compelling; however, by implementing best practices, entrepreneurs can achieve even greater benefits.

This article explores three drop shipping best practices that should become an integral part of your business plan, so that you too will receive optimum results.

Select a first-rate drop shipping provider

The quality of service you receive from your drop shipping provider is paramount. This service will directly impact your business, which is why selecting the best provider is of the utmost importance.

A reputable drop shipping provider offers accurate in-stock information to minimize the risk of selling an out-of-stock product. A good provider ships orders quickly and efficiently. A respectable provider wants you to succeed. They will work with you by providing exceptional business advice in the form of newsletters, how-to articles, or business guides. The best providers offer superior customer service.

Choose a first-rate drop shipping provider, such as Drop Ship Access, so that your business can reach its full potential.

Research products to uncover their potential

Selling products that you know and enjoy is appealing, as it should be. Nevertheless, it is at least equally appealing to achieve good sales and tidy profits. Spend time researching products to determine their full potential. Start with products that you know, but don’t forget to branch out into the wild as well.

A good place to start your research is on auction sites, such eBay. Take a look at current auctions and completed listings to determine the current value of a product and the demand. Amazon is another sure bet for prime research. Shopping comparison sites, such as,, or, also offer a fertile ground for product research. Use the “hot product” lists on these websites, or Pulse on eBay, to determine which products have the highest demand.

Product research takes time, but is well-worth the effort. Entrepreneurs who spend time researching products increase their sales, profit margins, and conversions. Invest time for product research to directly benefit your bottom line.

Measure profits in dollars rather than percentages

Focus on measuring profits in dollars rather than in percentages to earn the highest profit per product. For example, let us say that you sold a $30 product for $60. You earned 100% profit; however, you only earned $30. Now, let us say that you sold a $200 product for $275. Although your profit margin is much less than the first product, the actual dollar amount you earned for this one sale is much higher! This time you earned $75 for selling one item. Now imagine selling ten of the latter product; you just made $750 profit! Focusing on dollars enables you to earn more money.

Selling a more expensive item requires no more risk than an inexpensive one. The beauty of drop shipping is that you do not pay for an item until your customer pays you. Sell big-ticket items that are in moderate to high demand to earn hefty profits and grow your business.

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