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How to Land More Sales

Lily O'Halloran

How to Land More Sales

Effective marketing techniques lure customers, but that is only half the battle. To turn visitors into buyers you must make them feel comfortable. Why would they feel uncomfortable? Perhaps they are pondering a big-ticket item, or it could be that shopping online evokes a sense of purchase anxiety. It happens to all of us at one time or another; our shopping cart is full, but we just can’t bring ourselves to finalize the order. Something just doesn’t feel right, so we surf out into the web searching for a familiar store.

What is a business owner to do? Simply decrease purchase anxiety. The secret to landing more sales is to make customers feel comfortable.

Follow these five simple techniques to reduce customer purchase anxiety and land more sales:

1. Step out from behind the scenes.

Customers want to know who you are. What makes you a specialist in your industry? Maybe you have a passion for technology, so you opened an edgy, techie store. How long have you been in the business? What do you enjoy about it? Whether you sell on eBay or a web store, an About Me page lets customers know who you are. Add your picture to become even more real to your customers, and your sales will boost in no time.

All e-commerce sites should include contact information. Without this key piece of information, customers are wary of entering their payment information. After all, who is going to see their private information? Customers want to be in the know.

2. Value your customers’ privacy.

Assure your customers that their personal information is protected to ease anxiety. A privacy policy informs customers that you value their privacy. Take it a step further to reassure your customers. Display the security seal of the company you use to secure payment information when processing orders, such as VeriSign or TRUSTe.

3. Show your credibility.

Be sure to display logos of any reputable professional organizations you belong to, such as the Better Business Bureau. Think on a local, national, and global scale. Although the Internet is a medium for global trade, it doesn’t hurt to show any credible connections – even local ones. Don’t forget to update these as you develop new relationships.

4. Don’t make fictitious claims.

Customers recognize exaggerated statements and are generally turned off by them. Visitors will write your site off as just another scam. Don’t let your legitimate business go down the drain. If you claim that specific results were obtained from a product, be sure to cite where the information came from. Too good to be true results that you can back up will definitely work in your favor; which leads us to the last, but not least, technique that you can use to land more sales…

5. Put product reviews to work.

Almost nothing works better than customer reviews to reduce purchase anxiety. Testimonials from real people reassure customers that a product does work. Customers actively search for testimonials about products of interest; let those searches bring customers to your site, and reduce purchase anxiety in the process.

Don’t have any testimonials yet? No problem, ask for some. Really! Establish a panel of customers to provide honest feedback. In return for their experience, provide them with a free product or a gift certificate to your store. It’s a win-win situation. Remember to ask for permission to use the results on your website.

A great review will include a customer’s first name, last name or initial, location, and a picture if possible. Even better use a video testimonial. Customers love interactivity, and a video is more likely than a written review to cause a customer to feel comfortable.

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