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The Surprising Marketing Tool

Lily O'Halloran

The Surprising Marketing Tool

Most people have heard of a blog, but few realize the full potential of this valuable marketing tool. An effective blog can generate an amazing number of visitors, increase sales, provide a medium to connect with customers and share expertise, create an additional flow of revenue, and more. Blogs are an indispensable marketing tool. They are far too valuable to ignore.

What a blog can do for you

Blogs provide powerful benefits to both small and large businesses by providing the human factor; they show that a real person is behind the scenes. Effective blogs are generally written in an informal, chatty tone. This casual style encourages visitors to leave comments; thus opening lines of communication between site owners and customers. Blogs are the perfect place to share product knowledge, answer questions, and address concerns. They are similar to a FAQ page, but better – they are interactive.

Blogs allow you to multi-task. Where else can you promote products and services, establish credibility, provide information to your target demographic, and encourage customer loyalty at the same time? No other place as simple as a blog can so much be achieved with so little work. Blogs can be created in minutes – literally, and updated in the same time. Keep content fresh by updating on a regular basis. Sooner than you think, you will have a great following.

Blogs provide a medium to earn an additional stream of revenue. Significant revenue can be acquired by placing ads on your blog. The more visitors you attract, the more money you can earn. Try Google AdSense or other affiliate marketing ads for the highest payouts. Be sure to use ads that enhance or complement rather than compete with your business.

The effective blog

The secret to a successful blog is to write compelling content. Engage your readers’ minds with a fresh perspective on a popular topic. Content should be relevant and interesting. If your posts don’t pique curiosity, then who will read them? What should you write about? Read current news articles related to your industry. Search out product updates and reviews. Use your personal insights to write copy that intrigues your visitors. Blog visitors have potential to become customers. Value your visitors by responding to comments in a timely manner. Thank them for commenting.

Starting a blog only takes a few minutes, but creating an effective blog takes time and dedication. Time spent on building a successful blog is time well-spent. A great blog will grow your business. Use this surprising marketing tool today.

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