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The Secret of E-Commerce Success

Lily O'Halloran

The Secret of E-Commerce Success

What do successful entrepreneurs know that everyone else does not? They must have some secret or keen insight into the world of e-commerce that eludes the rest of us. These entrepreneurs cleverly take their online sales and web stores to levels that the rest of us can only dream of. Well, maybe not. I know the secret to success, and I want to share it with you today.

Before I tell you, let’s take a look at current e-commerce trends. Practically everywhere you go, you spot people sporting iPods loaded with their favorite tunes. Mobile phones with data access are becoming commonplace, as are wireless laptops and netbooks with instant access to the Internet with a couple clicks of the mouse. Technology is hot. Technology is not the future, it is now. What do we do with our popular techie gadgets? Think about what you do online…

Current e-commerce trends show us that Internet users value community. Users not only seek out information online, but they want to share it as well. Think of the blogs that you read regularly; perhaps you post on them too. Browse your bookmarks or favorites list to see the number of forums that you routinely visit. Do you MySpace, FaceBook, or Twitter? Are you LinkedIn? Chances are you have at least visited a few of these popular social networking sites.

E-commerce trends tells us that Internet users our personalizing their web experience to encompass the people and businesses that they deem relevant and trustworthy. Social networks enable people to connect with other like-minded individuals and groups. When you look at the core of online community, you find that it is technology that enables us to create such networks of shared ideals. Have you guessed the secret?

The secret to creating the success you desire is to capitalize on e-commerce trends. By giving users what they want, you attract more users; you build and strengthen customer relationships.

To capitalize on e-commerce trends, you must first determine your target demographic. Marketing to everyone is impossible and a sure path to failure. To succeed, you must clearly define the customer base that would benefit from your products. Consider what type of person would be interested in your products. What type of lifestyle do they lead? What benefits do they have to gain from using the product? Spend a significant amount of time on this initial step. What good would all of your marketing techniques do if you try to target the wrong group of consumers?

Once you determine your target demographic, give them they what they want. Share information about your products and business with those who find it interesting. Go to the heart of the social network: join virtual communities to build relationships and create a network of like-minded individuals. Start a blog to share relevant information. Share your product knowledge on your blog, but don’t forget to share on forums as well. Write informative articles about the benefits of your products or services. Submit them on article-sharing sites, such as, and watch your traffic rates shoot through the roof. By sharing valuable information, you become a respected resource in the industry; you gain credibility and trustworthiness, both of which are essential to success.

Harness the power of e-commerce trends to lead to rapid growth. Take video, for example. Videos are everywhere online. Why? Internet users love videos. You Tube makes sharing videos free and easy. Why not create videos to promote your business? The results can be outstanding.

Mobile web users are increasing at an astonishing rate. Don’t discount this mass market. You can target this group of users by building an opt-in list of mobile numbers. Create new promotions that are text-based with a link to your business. Better yet, have a .mobi domain to direct mobile users to. Simple web pages with a limited number of graphics are best; remember that phone screens are small, so pages must be adapted to suit mobile users.

Current e-commerce trends show us that people want to share information, build connections, and create networks of people and businesses that are relevant and trustworthy. Internet users realize that the web is not anonymous, and they don’t want it to be. Social media sites are tremendously popular, because they offer users what they want – a place to connect with others. These exciting trends present amazing opportunities to business owners to share their product knowledge and expand their business.

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