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How to Make Your Web Store Stand Out

Lily O'Halloran

How to Make Your Web Store Stand Out

Pick an item – any item, and then search the web for an online store that carries that product. Do you know what you will find? Too many web stores to count! Not only are there numerous stores to choose from for any given item, every store claims to be the best -- the most reliable, the most credible. I’m sure they mean well, but they can’t all be the best!

Does your website state that you are the best? This simple mistake, although well-intentioned, causes your web store to fade into the sea of online stores. Make your web store stand out from all others by showing you are the best. Don’t say it; show it, and back it up.

How do you show that your web store really is the best? Use statistics, personalization, and testimonials. These three techniques will differentiate your business from that of your neighbors and those of sellers across the globe.


Practically all businesses collect data regarding their sales, conversions, repeat customers, and so on. Collect and consider your business data. What areas of business really make you stand out? What does your business do really well? How satisfied are your customers? What percentage of buyers are repeat customers? If you do not have current statistics, then consider using a customer feedback survey to gather data.

How do you effectively use statistics to stand out? Sprinkle them throughout your web store. Don’t over-do it though; too many figures can be boring and detract from your call-to-action. Let’s say your store has one of the fastest shipping times around. How can you maximize this tidbit of information? Add a clip of text to your web store that compares your standard delivery time with industry standards. By using valuable comparisons, you show customers that you have what it takes to be the best. You provide customers with a strong, valid reason why they should order from you.


Just about everyone loves a good story. Web users are not an exception; in fact, they are generally an inquisitive bunch. Have you ever wondered why a business chose the name that they did? Have you wondered how someone got into the business they are in? Most of us have pondered these types of questions a time or two.

Why not share the type of information that you would want to know about a business? If you have a great story behind your business, share it with your visitors. Personalizing your web store adds a human element with which customers can relate. In today’s community-driven marketplace, sharing details about your business will work in your favor. Open up to the possibilities.


Customer testimonials are one of the most beneficial elements that a business owner can add to their web store. Why? Consumers want reassurance that a product or service is going to work before they try it. In the past money back guarantees were enough, but not today! Today’s buyers share information with others, and they search for reviews before they bite the bullet. By providing honest customer testimonials on your web site, you provide reassurance.

Effective testimonials are:

  • Real. Use actual customer’s testimonials. Don’t change the phrasing or even the words. Authentic testimonials are important; they provide honest feedback.

  • Compelling. Testimonials should persuade potential customers to become buyers. Choose feedback that is powerful and irresistible.

  • Brief. Customer testimonials should be a reasonable length. They should be long enough to get the point across, but short enough not to bore readers. A good length can be anywhere from one to five sentences; with prime length at about three to four sentences.

Statistics, personalization, and testimonials all work together to make your web store stand out from the myriad online stores. To keep customers coming back for more, remember to keep your content fresh. Old content becomes stale and boring. Update your web store regularly to hold the attention of your visitors and lure new ones.

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