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Smart Tips for eBay Success

Lily O'Halloran

Smart Tips for eBay Success

Your outlook on eBay buyers can have an astronomical effect on your ability to thrive in the World’s Online Marketplace. If your sales are lacking, it could be time for a change of view. With a simple paradigm shift, your sales can flourish. Consider these proven tips from top eBay PowerSellers…

Presume the best

When dealing with eBay buyers always assume the best, until shown otherwise. Too many sales go awry due to wrong assumptions. Small misunderstandings and simple miscommunications lead to serious issues when sellers feel the need to stand their ground or be right. Loosen up a little. All buyers are not out to get you; in fact, most buyers are honest, reasonable, and quite pleasant to deal with. When an issue does come up, keep a clear head. By assuring the buyer that you are willing to take care of the problem, most buyers are willing to work with you to resolve the issue.

Focus on issues, not buyers

Let’s face it. Sometimes problems do arise. What sets great sellers apart from the rest is an ability to focus on the issue at hand, rather than the buyer. Avoid jumping to conclusions about your trading partner’s character. Never verbally attack the buyer. Threats and insults will cause detrimental effects to your eBay career. Not to mention, who wants to be a bully? Instead of growing a problem, create a solution. Concentrate on the facts of the situation, and what can be done to solve the issue.

Dispel problems with ingenuity

Nothing turns molehills into mountains faster than a sense of superiority or an attitude that you can do no wrong. Check your pride at the door, and put on your thinking cap. Be resourceful. Think of creative solutions that appeal to both you and the buyer. By focusing on a positive outcome for each side, you create a win-win situation where everyone leaves happy. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

Turn issues into opportunities

It’s easy to get frustrated when things take a turn for the worse. When problems rear their ugly head, think about the big picture. Sure the issue is upsetting, but focus on the positive instead. What could possibly be positive about a problem? Every issue provides you with a chance to be an outstanding seller. Show your trading partner what kind of business you run. If you go out of your way to please the buyer, imagine how happy they will be. Imagine how many people they will tell about their positive experience. Maybe they will save you as a favorite seller, and become a lifelong customer.

Adopt a new view to see your sales grow luxuriantly. Don’t dwell on the present when the future holds such bright promise. Let forward-looking ideas take your thoughts from now to wow!

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