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Perfect Your Landing Page

Lily O'Halloran

Perfect Your Landing Page

While most entrepreneurs know that driving traffic to their website and converting visitors to buyers is absolutely necessary for success, many don’t realize that dropping leads off at their homepage is a huge mistake.

When your pay per click ads drop interested buyers off at the front door, your chance of sealing the deal greatly declines. Think of it this way… After talking to a potential customer and generating great interest in a product, would you walk the buyer to the front door of your store? Of course not! You would take them straight to the product that piqued their curiosity, and continue your sales spiel. That’s exactly what your landing page should do too.

Give buyers what they want

Think about your ads. What keywords or phrases caught the customer’s attention? Let’s say your ad reads: Drop 10 lbs. in 1 week! Potential customers who click on the ad are obviously interested in a product that aids in weight loss. By designing a landing page around this specific product, you are able to hold the customer’s attention. Craft an effective page, and browsers turn into buyers.

Conversely, directing ad customers to your home page will have little effect on sales. Why? Web users’ attention wanes quickly. That’s just the nature of the net. Your ad may have aroused interest in a specific product, but not enough for customers to search your entire website to find the product. A small percentage of customers will browse your store, and fewer still will actually make a purchase. Don’t waste your valuable pay per click ads.

Turn marketing dollars into results

Ads that claim to solve specific problems tend to lure the most traffic. Just as landing pages that complement and expand on an ad have the most impact on conversions.

Streamline your landing page to lead visitors through the selling process. Smooth sales copy that flows in an inconspicuous manner converts browsers into buyers before they have a chance to second guess their decision.

Let’s take a look at the steps you should take to create the ultimate landing page.

Create the perfect landing page

You can design and build an effective landing page in eight simple steps.

  1. Match your headline with the key phrase in the pay per click ad that lured the visitor.

  2. Write persuasive sales copy with a clear focus. To keep your reader interested, use a logical progression throughout your copy.

  3. Paragraphs should begin with the most important information. Many people scan content quickly to determine if it is interesting enough to read.

  4. Use bullet points for easy-readability. Even readers that skim the page will notice your list, so use it wisely – think product benefits, undeniable reasons why readers need your product.

  5. Sales copy length, within reason, is not important as long as it is written tightly. A full-page of copy is fine when it is broken down into manageable paragraphs and does not contain fluff. Skip the wordiness or you’ll lose your readers.

  6. Create a sense of urgency. Let customers know they must act now before it is too late.

  7. Use a clear call to action. Ask for the sale.

  8. Close the sale quickly; only ask for necessary information. Don’t force a customer to register for your site or fill in loads of personal details. Seamlessly seal the deal.

Test for success

Pay per click ads with matching landing pages enables you to test various concepts. Launch multiple ads with matching landing pages to determine which combination is the most successful. Periodic testing will enable you to stay on top of current customer trends.

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