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Turn Setbacks into Opportunities

Lily O'Halloran

Turn Setbacks into Opportunities

Entrepreneurialism is not for the faint of heart. It doesn’t matter how successful you become; there will always be someone ready to knock you down. Don’t give into defeat. Instead, let the negativity motivate you to defy all odds.

Let determination blaze the trail to success. When you use criticism to overcome obstacles, you open the door to opportunity. Rather than let naysayers cloud your vision, implement intelligent strategies to clear the path to your goals.

Consider the source

Take a good look at who is criticizing you. What level of knowledge do they have about the subject? What kind of experience do they have in your field? Do they have something to gain from knocking you down? What makes them a good judge of how well you will do? Only you know what you are capable of. With determination and enthusiasm all things are possible.

Be content with discomfort

Learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is during these times that you will experience growth. You will develop new ways of looking at the same old thing. Experiences that stop us in our tracks are the type that enables us to view issues in a new light.

Step out of the spotlight

Separate yourself from conflict. The time apart will calm you, and offer you a chance to consider the problem. Quietly entertain different courses of action in your mind to determine the best solution. The next time you find yourself confronted, you will have a better mindset to deal with the issue.

Surround yourself with knowledge

Follow in the footsteps of successful entrepreneurs. Seek the advice of experienced mentors. These intelligent people will be your support group. Turn to them when the going gets tough; they will be able to provide much needed support and wisdom.

Don’t set decisions in stone

Learn from your mistakes. Learn from others’ advice. Be willing to change how you do things. Remember that nothing stays the same except change. E-commerce is always changing. To be successful, you must be able to quickly adapt to new practices.

Everyone tastes defeat at one point or another. Those who are able to bounce back are the ones who will accomplish great things. Will you bounce back?

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