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5 Reasons Why You Should Drop Ship

Lily O'Halloran

5 Reasons Why You Should Drop Ship

Practically everyone wants to start an online business. Why shouldn’t they? Working from home is the ultimate dream. The benefits are obvious and numerous. Why then, do so many people choose to forgo their dreams? What is that bursts the bubbles of these pleasant daydreams? Who extinguishes the flame of desire to bring these dreams to fruition? Unfortunately, it is often the uncertainty of what to do, and how to do it, that stops people from achieving their most prized goals.

The good news is that if you can see it, you can achieve it. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on Earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” To succeed at any goal you must be able to imagine yourself doing so, and you must work toward your goal with a clear focus. See yourself running a successful online business, and the door to opportunity will open.

Perhaps it is opening now…

Starting an online is business is easy. There are many ways to begin. You can sell on eBay through auctions, an eBay store, or both. You can sell on Amazon or other auction websites. You can open a web store. No web development skills? No problem; a turnkey solution can solve this simple issue. E-commerce options are diverse and ubiquitous.

A place to sell, after all, is really not the problem. The biggest issue is what to sell. The most prevalent concerns are: capital, risk, warehousing inventory, and shipping orders. All of these concerns and more become obsolete with drop shipping. Drop shipping helps aspiring entrepreneurs, like you, achieve their dreams of success.

Product Sourcing at its Finest

Does not having desirable products to sell stop you from starting an online business? Drop shipping solves the most obvious issue an entrepreneur faces: what to sell. Drop shipping provides you with access to a vast array of goods to sell. Not just any goods, but name brand products that today’s consumers want. What more could you ask for? Low prices! Yes, wholesale prices are a valuable benefit of drop shipping that makes turning a tidy profit simple.

No Storing or Handling Inventory

What about storing inventory? Buying loads of merchandise requires somewhere to store it. Of course, storing is only half the battle; managing inventory can be a full-time job. What’s an entrepreneur to do? Drop ship! Drop shipping frees you from the binds of inventory. With drop shipping, you do not have to buy products until you sell them. What a novel idea! No warehouse space is required; no rotating stock is necessary; no handling stock required - ever!

Capital, Not a Problem

Generally, a retailer would have to purchase an enormous quantity of stock to start a business. As I previously mentioned, drop shipping does not require this costly venture. Without the requirement of purchasing a load of goods to sell, you don’t need to have a huge amount of capital. This amazing advantage of drop shipping cannot be overlooked.

Minimal Risk

Without the need to sell specific inventory, the risk of selling is minimized. You never buy a product until you have already sold it. Therefore, you are never stuck with costly merchandise that won’t move. If the product you want to sell is not selling, you can simply choose to sell a different item. Drop shipping enables you to sell exactly what you want to sell. You can change your mind at any time. The choice is yours.

No Packing or Shipping

Another favorable advantage of drop shipping is that you are freed from task of packing and shipping orders. No need to gather packing supplies; no need to drive to the Post Office or wait in line. Products are shipped directly from the manufacturer to your customers. How is easy is that? Tracking info is even provided.

Drop shipping is an excellent product sourcing decision that saves time and money while minimizing the stress associated with running a business. Drop shipping is an open door of opportunity that leads you along the path to success. Isn’t it time to walk through that door?

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