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Jump Start Your Sales with Long-Tail Keywords

Lily O'Halloran

Jump Start Your Sales with Long-Tail Keywords

Keywords are good, but long-tail keywords are better. Sure keywords attract visitors, but are those visitors going to buy your products? Long-tail keywords attract the right visitors – buyers. Use long-tail keywords to increase traffic and jump-start your sales.

What is a long-tail keyword?

A long-tail keyword is a phrase of three to four keywords that work together to define a particular product or service. For example, consider the keywords: art book. Search “art book” in Google, and you will receive 2,230,000 results. Let’s narrow the focus by adding another keyword. Consider the long-tail keyword: modern art book. Search the phrase modern art book in quotes; Google returns 21,900 results. Wow, what a difference! Imagine what adding an additional keyword, such as the author, would do.

Long-tail keywords are crucial, but don’t overdo it. The secret is to find the number of keywords that define the product without narrowing your results too much. This enables you to attract buyers as well as browsers that might turn into buyers at a later date.

Keyword phrases, when used effectively, reduce competition and boost sales.

See long-tail keywords in action.

Let’s take a look at how long-tail keywords decrease competition and increase sales. Say you wanted to buy a G1 on eBay. You type “G1” in the search box, and receive 16,662 results. Ugh, that’s a lot. Who wants to wade through that many auction listings? Check the ‘Cell Phones & Smartphones’ box to refine the results. You can check off ‘T-Mobile’ to knock off a few more. Now, there are 512 results. You want a new phone, so add the term “new” to the search. Your long-tail keyword search has narrowed the results to 164 new G1 phones.

Adding more search terms enables you to find exactly what you are looking for. However, if you get too specific, you might miss a good deal. Why? Perhaps the seller describes the product differently than you do. This is why selecting appropriate keywords, and not using too many, is important.

The key to using long-tail keywords effectively is to select a few specific keywords that customers would use to search for the products that you sell. This practice enables you to attract the right people - those who are interested in purchasing your products.

In the G1 example, the sellers that clearly state what they are selling with choice keywords lure a higher percentage of buyers that are actively looking to purchase a G1. Sellers that use less favorable keywords receive fewer buyers. There is no need to ask what type of seller you want to be. You’re smart. In fact, I bet you’re ready to put long-tail keywords to work. Before you jump into the world of long-tail keywords, let me explain the best way to use them.

How should long-tail keywords be used?

Long-tail keywords should grab a customer’s attention and lead them straight to an effective landing page. An effective landing page is optimized to make buying easy and hard to resist!

Start with eye-catching pay-per-click ads that use long-tail keywords. Blog posts, informative articles, and social network messages also provide perfect places to add backlinks to your landing page. (Backlinks also help increase the importance of your web page, thus increasing your page rank.) The long-tail keywords you select will lure interested visitors, so choose them wisely.

Don’t assume that once a visitor is at your site they will automatically want to buy your product. Boost your conversions (turn browsers into buyers) by optimizing your landing page for success.

Your landing page should focus on the keywords that you selected, which should apply to a specific product or service. Focusing on one product allows you to lead customers through the buying process. Make sure to use your long-tail keywords throughout your landing page, especially above the fold.

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