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How to Maximize Email Marketing Results

Lily O'Halloran

How to Maximize Email Marketing Results

Maximize email marketing results? Didn’t spam kill email marketing? Fortunately, this is a common misconception; email marketing is still alive and kicking. According to the Direct Marketing Association email marketing will generate approximately $43.52 per dollar spent in 2009. That is a very healthy return on your investment; it could be even greater, if your emails stand out from the crowd.

In this article, you will learn how to create an effective email marketing plan to achieve maximum results.

Subject line

It all begins with the subject line. A short, snappy subject line gets your email opened more often than not. Why? Consumers have short digital attention spans. Combine that with the number of emails consumers receive on a daily basis and you get information overload.

Short, simple subject lines stand out from the rest. Consumers decide within a second or two rather an email is worth opening. Shorter subject lines are easier for consumers to process and lead to more click-throughs. A common best practice advises the use of numerals rather than number words to decrease the length of subject lines. Length is important; however, it is not the only element to success.

What you say is more important than how long it takes you to say it. The average subject line length of the most popular email domains is about 40 characters. This means that most consumers only see the first 40 characters of your subject line regardless of how long it really is; therefore, to get your email opened, you need to frontload your subject line with the most important part of your message.

Call to action

All emails should contain a clear call to action displayed two or three times throughout the body of the email. Include the call to action at least once above the fold, so consumers that don’t scroll the page still have the opportunity to complete the action.

Create a sense of urgency to receive better results. Urgency increases sales. Think about a time when you had to act quickly to avoid missing out on a particularly hot deal. The expiration date is what drove you to make the purchase quickly. Sure you wanted the product and would have gotten around to buying it eventually, but it was the urgency that made you take action.

Call to action links should take consumers to a landing page rather than your home page. Your landing page should be customized to lead consumers through the selling process.


Fresh, unique, and useful content is important. Don’t be overly wordy, pushy, or boring. Pique consumer interest with content that is original and offers value. Use links throughout your content; you never know what link will attract a consumer; the more links, the better.

Create a style that is well-suited to your business and is appealing to your target demographic. Style helps brand your business. Write in a voice that speaks to your consumers; it could be chatty, informative, persuasive, etc. Choose a voice that resonates with your audience.

Internet users love interactivity. Add a fun reason or two for consumers to click-through. Try adding a contest, poll, or even a video link in your email.


Spell check your content and ensure that all links are working correctly before you click send.

Make sure that emails are being sent to consumers that are interested in your products or services by updating your subscription list regularly. Add opt-in email links on your website to generate more readers, but also include an unsubscribe link in emails for readers that have lost interest.

Don’t overwhelm your customers with emails. Send emails when you have a good reason to, but not too frequently. Monitor your click-through rates to determine the level of interest your emails are generating. If your click-through rates are dropping, you may need to change the frequency or style of your emails.

Track and analyze

As with all marketing activities, it is imperative to track and analyze the results of every email marketing plan you initiate. Review your strategies, actions, and results to determine what works and what doesn’t. This valuable information allows you to construct better email marketing plans over time and obtain greater results.

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