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20 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

Lily O'Halloran

20 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

Your website is up and running. It looks great and functions well, so where all the customers? Unfortunately, it is not as simple as “build it and they will come.” Attracting traffic is the number one problem new websites face. Without heavy traffic, sales are slim.

Use the twenty tips in this article to increase your website traffic and boost your sales.

  1. Use SEO to optimize your website. Even a few quick changes can help search engines to better understand your website, which leads to more precise indexing.

  2. Submit your website to all major search engines to be included in search results. Don’t forget about directories; directory listings increase the number of links to your website and boost your page rank.

  3. Share links with other like-minded websites. Consider what type of websites complement the content of your website. Contact site owners to determine if they are interested in the mutual benefits of link sharing.

  4. Pay for links to your website. More links equals more traffic, more page crawls, and higher page rankings.

  5. Pay for click-throughs to your website with Pay per Click (PPC) ads. PPC ads generate traffic that actively searches for the keywords that you specify which attracts a higher ratio of buyers to browsers than other groups of traffic.

  6. Run frequent sales, but rotate the products that are on sale with each promotion to ensure that customers don’t think your merchandise is always on sale. Make each promotion special to attract more buyers.

  7. Hold a contest. Give away a grand prize that is worthy of the title grand. One contest with a great prize can generate an amazing amount of interest, thus traffic. The increased traffic and sales can more than pay for the prize.

  8. Promote your contest in as many places as possible to maximize the benefits of the contest and generate excitement.

  9. Use email marketing to reach your current customers, and add a share with a friend link to gain new customers.

  10. Use offline marketing strategies, such as local newspaper ads, flyers, direct mailing, etc.

  11. Set up an affiliate program to increase traffic and boost sales. You only have to pay a small fee or percentage of the sale for actual conversions.

  12. Start a blog to connect with customers, offer advice, and answer frequently asked questions. Blogs updated regularly draw more traffic.

  13. Add an RSS feed to your blog, so customers can stay informed.

  14. Post on blogs and forums. Add a link back to your website. Don’t forget to fill out your profile and add a link to your website too.

  15. Post in chat rooms to generate excitement about your website and products.

  16. Write articles to post in article directories. Use the author’s box to direct readers to your website for more information.

  17. Use customer testimonials to establish your credibility and trustworthiness.

  18. Let customers review products. Product reviews generate traffic and help close sales.

  19. Provide a privacy policy to let customers know that you value their privacy.

  20. Provide your business contact information including an email address, phone number, and physical mailing address – a P.O. Box is fine.

All the traffic in the world won’t boost your sales, if your website is difficult to use. Test your website for usability with a special focus on navigation and the checkout process. Ask customers or include a ‘tell us how we are doing’ link to receive valuable feedback for free.

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