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How to Close Online Drop Ship Sales

Lily O'Halloran

How to Close Online Drop Ship Sales

You're ready to seal the deal, so why isn't your customer? There could be lots of reasons. After all, you are expecting them to hand over their financial information. Not everyone is comfortable with that, which can be expected with so many incidents of identity theft on the news. Anxiety is a real problem; fortunately, there are several actions that you can take to ease online shopping anxiety and close more sales.

Present Professionalism

Presenting a professional image is key to closing sales. Buyers need to trust a retailer before they are willing to make a purchase. Take a moment to consider what message your website sends.

  • Are an abundance of flashy visual presentations used?

  • Does unexpected background music play?

  • Is the purpose of the website obvious?

  • Are pictures high quality?

  • Is correct spelling and grammar used?

  • Is site navigation logical and easy to use?

  • Is contact information displayed?

  • Is the site secure? How do you know?

  • Are privacy policies listed?

  • Is a site map available?

Flashy visuals look great – the first time around. Even so, most customers are not interested in viewing flash presentations at all. Customers are at your shop to browse, and possibly buy, merchandise. Why hinder their progress with slow-loading visuals?

Background music is not a good idea. Consider this scenario… a customer decides to browse your website while she's at work, when suddenly unexpected music blasts out of her speakers. Uh oh, busted! Now all her co-workers know that she is not working. The embarrassment causes her to be frustrated with your website. Not good; unexpected noise rarely is.

A retail website should look and feel like a retail website. To maximize sales and ease shopping anxiety make sure that store looks like a store – a professional one. Who wants to buy merchandise from some random website that could be fraudulent? Not me or anyone for that matter.

You don't have flashy visuals or annoying music and your website is obviously a retail business. That’s good, but not good enough. You need to check your spelling and grammar on every page. Errors in either of these areas really stand out, and send the wrong message. If you can't take time to fix these errors than are you going to take time to make sure that sales are processed correctly? Customers have to wonder…

Site visitors should be able to find anything on your website within three clicks. If you're laughing right now, you’d probably better streamline your navigation. Five, ten, twenty clicks are too much! Web users want instant gratification. If they don't get it from you, they will get it somewhere else. Navigation really doesn’t have to be difficult.

Design site navigation to be intuitive and logical, so it blends into the background. This practice ensures that customers won't be distracted and give up their search. The longer visitors stay on your website, the better.

Make sure that your business contact information is visible in key areas. List both an email and a toll-free phone number for the best results. Some customers strongly prefer one over the other. Although most site visitors won't contact you, having this information readily available increases the likelihood that browsers will become buyers. Contact information boosts your credibility.

A secure web site is a must. Periodically check to make sure that your website is hacker-proof to ensure that customers' valuable information is kept safe. Display a security seal or logo to let customers know their personal information is well-guarded. Security is a major concern among customers with online shopping anxiety. Ease their anxiety to increase your sales.

Along the same lines, a privacy policy is an essential element of every website. Privacy policies let visitors know that you will not share their private information. Show customers you value their privacy to increase consumer confidence.

Last but not least, professional websites should have a site map. Site maps have more than one purpose. Obviously, they help site visitors to quickly and easily locate specific information. They also enable search engines to better index your website, which can increase your page rank. The better page rank you have, the more traffic your site will receive. More traffic leads to more sales.

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