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How to Increase Drop Ship Sales on eBay Today

Lily O'Halloran

How to Increase Drop Ship Sales on eBay Today

You can sell drop ship products on eBay without difficulty. Customers are ready and waiting to purchase high-quality brand name goods, and with such a wide variety of wholesale products to choose from it’s hard to go wrong.

Although making a profit on products with low wholesale prices is easy enough, increasing your current drop ship sales may take a little more effort. Since increasing sales leads to financial freedom, I’d venture that the effort is well worth it. As a savvy entrepreneur, your sights should be set high. Steady drop ship sales are great, but why not work for more?

Streamline sales and shipping

You’ve already streamlined your business processes by working with a drop ship supplier. Not having to stress about locating products, managing inventory, and shipping orders frees up your time to work on other areas of your business, such as marketing and sales.

Marketing makes money

Marketing your business is all about getting your brand name out there, and creating a demand for your products. How can you have a brand name on eBay? Simple, it starts with your seller name. Choose a name that is short, simple, and easy to remember. Avoid using symbols like asterisks. Stick to letters and a minimal amount of numbers. Select a name that is appropriate for your type of business.

Personality, passion, and pizzazz

Your About Me page is the perfect place to brand your business. You can add a custom logo and a few short paragraphs about your business. Show some personality and pizzazz. Share your enthusiasm for your products and your business. Buyers are attracted to sellers that show passion and share inside knowledge about their products.

Stores support success

Another way to brand your business is to open an eBay store. A recent eBay survey showed that sellers averaged a 75% increase in sales after opening an eBay store. That’s an impressive sales increase! Having your own store enables you to better brand your business with personalization. Store fees are very reasonable and you get better benefits, such as longer durations for listings and lower fees. It pays to open a store.

Super strategies to succeed

Both online and offline marketing strategies help boost sales. Think mailers, email newsletters filled with product information, and Internet coupon codes. Cross-sell and upsell products to increase the dollar amount of each transaction.

Cross-sell complementary products

Cross-sell products by suggesting like products – products that complement each other. For example, customers buying a laptop would probably be interested in buying a case as well. Why not suggest one? Offer them a good reason to buy it from you, such as 25% of all accessories.

Upsell to earn more

What’s upselling? Upselling simply means selling a more expensive product, often a higher-quality one. For instance, a customer that intends to buy a $99 digital camera could possibly be talked into buying a $119 one instead. In this example, the upsell added an extra $20 to your profits. Think big to sell big, and don’t settle for one time sales.

Reap the rewards of repeat business

Why spend so much time and effort to sell one product to a customer? Every customer presents an opportunity to grow your future sales. Studies show that 80% of purchases are from repeat buyers. Focus on building solid relationships with your customers to increase your sales now and later.

Build a better business

Respect your customers to earn their loyalty. Provide professional and courteous customer service. Respond to inquiries in a timely manner. If you haven’t already done so, start a frequent buyer club. Reward your customers for their loyalty, and watch your sales grow.

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