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Tap Into Sales with 3 Simple Tips

Lily O'Halloran

Tap Into Sales with 3 Simple Tips

Are you looking for way to grow your current drop ship sales? You’ve come to the right place, because I’m going to share three simple techniques that you can use to realize an immediate increase in your drop ship sales.

1. Less really is more.

Have you ever come across eBay listings that are a mile long? What did you do? Most buyers flee immediately. Those who don’t run for cover may take the time to quickly scan the listing, but still the majority of buyers will not place a bid.


Buyers are worried that they might miss something essential to a satisfying sale. Who wants to win an auction only to find out that they have to pay with a money order? Or maybe they have to pay within 3 hours of the auctions end. Or maybe the seller states that they add a hefty fee on to the cost of shipping to make up for their time. It’s easy to miss important information in a long-winded sales pitch. Most buyers choose to avoid such listings for fear that they might get roped into an unfavorable deal.

The most effective method used for auctions listings is to include all necessary product and policy information and add a little about the benefits of the product. Keep it simple, short, and to the point while remaining persuasive to maximize your sales.

2. Target a new market.

Make your business soar by directing your marketing efforts towards a new set of customers. Think about the products you sell now. Are you targeting the only demographic that is interested in these products, or are you missing out on sales by leaving out thousands of interested buyers?

Once you indentify additional demographics for your drop ship products, create a marketing campaign that targets these consumers. To entice this new target audience, you must figure out what aspects of the product appeals to them. Use this valuable information to boost sales.

Try selling additional products in new emerging markets. Drop into social networking channels to find the latest buzz on what’s hot now. What are customers really looking for? What type of products do they want? What are they willing to spend their money on? Pay attention to the benefits that consumers want to receive from these products, because these are key selling points. Start selling these hot products now. Trends change, and fads die quickly; however, as a drop shipper, you have the luxury of selling whatever products you want to sell. You can change your product offerings at any time, since you don’t have to acquire inventory first – like traditional retailers. This clear-cut advantage of drop shipping should be maximized to experience sky-rocketing growth. Amplify your sales today!

3. Stand out from the crowd.

What makes your business unique? Is there something special that you do or say that makes you stand out from the crowd? If not, you may want to implement something soon. Setting yourself apart from other sellers in a positive way leads to increased traffic, sales, and profits.

Think about your favorite retailer? What is it about that retailer that you like? Chances are they either provide a great shopping experience, excellent customer service, are knowledgeable about their products, or they offer great prices. Something sets them apart and they reap the benefits because of it.

Make your business stand out today. Consider the way you would like to stand out. Although low prices are great, this avenue may not be the best way to stand out – at least long-term. Low prices lead to small profits, and there will always be someone willing to sell products for less than you. Try offering a money-back guarantee, outstanding customer service, or helpful product knowledge – think inside scoop material.

Keep it simple, target the right crowd, and stand out to build the business you’ve always dreamt of. You can achieve the financial freedom you’ve always wanted, all from the comfort of your own home.

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