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Henna Herbal Hair Dye

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NATURAL HENNA POWDER - for a Rich Red or Burgundy

Natural color therapy is rooted in Ayurveda, an ancient form of medicine practiced in India for thousands of years. Natural henna is a plant of the Lawsonia family. It is dried and ground into a powder. Henna contains natural ingredients that possess medicinal properties which are vital for hair conditioning. Henna prevents premature graying of hair and is used for hair nourishment, making the hair shiny and smooth. Henna plates and protects the hair shaft while acting as a cooling agent for head.

Medicinal value of Henna and other ingredients take care of all scalp disorders. It acts as a hair vitalizer and promotes hair growth.

How to use:

The powdered Henna is usually mixed with hot water and applied straight on the hair strands. Remember though that you will get a bright red color - for light hair as henna is a vegetable dye that shades orange to red.

Please use caution especially on light hair. We strongly recommend a strand test.

You can add other plant dyes to henna to create hair dye colors:

Mixtures with other plant dyes with henna, to create other dye colors, are called henna rangs.

Indigo, Indigofera tinctoria

Is a plant that produces a dark violet blue dye, which we are familiar with as the color used to dye blue jeans. Indigo can be used with henna to dye cloth and hair from brown to pure black, depending on the proportions of henna and indigo.  Though you can use indigo to dye skin blue, you cannot dye skin black with indigo. 

Want to know more? http://www.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/med-aro/factsheets/INDIGO.html

Woad, Isatis tinctoria

Woad is a plant that had a blue dye, and it is also used to dye hair. It is more dye fast in hair than indigo, but it does not create the vivid blue-black.  You can use woad to dye skin blue, but you also cannot dye skin black with woad.

Want to know more? http://www.botgard.ucla.edu/html/botanytextbooks/economicbotany/Isatis/

Walnut, Juglans regia

The leaves, or green walnut shells from walnuts can be combined with henna to create brown hair dye.  Walnut dye is juglone, 5-hydroxy-1.4-napthoquinone.  This is a larger molecule than henna.  It is not a long-lasting dye in hair, so is usually used with henna.  . Many people are allergic to walnut!  Walnut is often mixed into henna powder for skin.  It makes a very fast dark stain, but it does not penetrate as deeply as henna, and is far more likely to cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction. 

Want to know more? http://www.uga.edu/fruit/walnut.htm

Cassia obovata

Many neutral henna products are actually cassia obovata.  There is no henna that is neutral just as there is no henna that is black.  Its dyes are anthraquinones, and also has flavonoids and resins  Cassua dyes a blonde-gold color, and thickens? hair. 

Want to know more? http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/s/senna-42.html

Catechu,  Ourouparia gambir and Acacia catechu

Catechu is from two different species, Ourouparia gambir and Acacia CatechuOurouparia gambir makes a yellow dye, and Acacia catechu makes a dark brown dye.  These are tannin dyes.  Extracted tannins from these dye plants are added to henna to create other various shades of henna, blondes, browns, and dark browns.

Want to know more? http://www.ibiblio.org/herbmed/eclectic/sayre/acacia-cate.html

Saffron, also called Sadr, Crocus sativus L.

Saffron is used to create blonde hair dye

Want to know more? http://www.iran-export.com/exporter/company/sadr/products.htm
and http://www.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/med-aro/factsheets/SAFFRON.html

Chamomile, Anthemis nobilis

is used to create blonde dye colors, but is not very effective or permanent.
Want to know more? http://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/c/chammo49.html#com

Rhubarb Root, Rheum rhapoticum

is sometimes used with henna to create blonde tones.
Want to know more? http://www.allfiberarts.com/library/howto/ht01/how_dye_rhubarb_roots.htm
and http://www.rhubarbinfo.com/rhubarb-history.html

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