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If you are an authorized wholesaler or manufacturer, you know how hard it is to increase your distribution and grow your network of resellers. By joining Drop Ship Access, you can put your products in front of thousands of resellers ready and eager to start selling your products.

how it works

  1. Fill out our supplier application online. Once completed, email us so we can review your application.
  2. Once your account is approved and activated, you will be able to log in to your account to manage products and view orders.
  3. Your product feed is added or products are added manually. Within 12 hours, they will begin appearing on the site for all retailers to see.
  4. Once an item is sold, that order is forwarded to you using your current ordering methods.


Are there any listing fees or commission?
Suppliers can list as many products they want without any fees. Even when an item sells, Drop Ship Access does not charge any commission on the sale.
How many products can I list?
There is no limit to the number of products you can sell as long as you are an authorized wholesaler or manufacturer.
How are products added?
For larger suppliers, a data feed is recommended. The feed should contain the product, description, available stock, and price, and should be a csv or xls file. You can email us the location of where your feed is on your site and we will setup our system to pull from it on a regular basis. A setup fee may apply.

For smaller suppliers, those with 100 products or less, products can be added manually through our website.
Can I include advertisements/coupons/catalogs in the shipments?
No, in order to qualify as a supplier, all packages must be shipped blindly to the customer. No markings on the box or included items, even invoices, can contain your company name. A packing list can be included provided that your company name is not printed on it.

supplier benefits

  • reach thousands of resellers
  • increase sales and distribution with little effort
  • standardized platform
  • Remain in control of your products and where they are sold
  • no risk!


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